Mike Anderson is on a roll!

Many will say he got lucky because all these kids are from Arkansas. Not so, IMO, these young men from the Hawks had some big time offers with more to come. As we’ve seen in the past sometimes the bright lights at other places can sway local kids away.

This is big time for our program. The Arkansas Hawks are going to be very good for years to come. Building this relationship now is going to go a long ways in the future.

You could field a pretty darned good basketball team with all the Arkansas kids who went elsewhere over the years. Congratulations to Mike Anderson and Associates for building that wall.

You could field a pretty darned good basketball team with all the Arkansas kids who went elsewhere over the years. Congratulations to Mike Anderson and Associates for building that wall.
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Building the wall is great, as long as we don’t deport our out of state talent. Smile.


LOL! I think the plan is to deport any out of staters who fail to live up to our expectations first. Then we will implement a plan that gives the others a path to the starting lineup.


Nice comeback. I always enjoy the humor in your posts.

Likewise my friend.

Kudos to Mike who is getting it done with recruits

Now it’s time to dance baby and get back in the national conversation

Regardless of what the critiques think… even if they are home grown guys, it’s still big for the program. Anytime you aren’t one of the top traditional programs, your main recruiting base is close to home and your own state. 95% of the schools out there, or more, have to recruit state/regions before they can even hope to get out of state top talent. We’ve missed on a couple big ones in the recent past and it’s hurt. Kudos to CMA and the crew for getting it done at home.


I know that was tounge in cheek, but there will be some defections at some point… anytime you get the top recruits that you’ve been going after in back to back classes… there are some people that are going to think they may be the odd guy out… so they’ll transfer after their first couple years or so… Don’t want them to leave, but that’s the nature of the beast now days.

Let’s not forget the impact of Portis deciding to stay home and perhaps the impact of CMA relationship to certain families in LR.

The issue with missing out on the two big ones (Goodwin and Monk) was that Caliparri had made them his priority. I believe Mike got rest of instate guys. The recent recruiting success did not have deal with going against Kentucky. Did they miss any other big ones other than the two I mentioned? I am trying to remember.

Well there was that guard from NLR who went to Florida.

The recruiting has been great. Now we just needs to hang up some Ws.

Wasn’t there a kid that went to Minnesota as well?

Eric Curry from LR Southwest Christian. However, it doesn’t feel the same since he only lived in the state for 11th and 12th grade.

I was kinda being a smart a$$. One went to Miss St, Vandy, tOSU, WSU, just to name a few. There were quite a bit on D1 instate kids who didn’t come here. We have some in the next few classes that ain’t coming here either

Difference is we offered Curry (Minn), but we didn’t offer IJ Ready (MSU), Payton Willis (Vandy) or Austin Reeves (WSU).

Yep, and I know that’s an excuse many CMA fans use, but if those he didn’t offer become AA and ours don’t, doesn’t that mean that he missed? Or at least didn’t evaluate properly?

Now before anyone says anything I’m not bashing any player or recruit we have, really like them, but there was at least one kid that wasn’t offered that RD, DD, Otis, and RazorAg were all very high on and said they thought was underrated.

Who are you referring to that became AA elsewhere after not being offered by us?

There are always misses by every coach, as far as evaluation. For example, LSU should have recruited Qualls, but didn’t. I always say we know more about our school than other schools and tend to hold our staff to higher standards.

Also, there are set number of scholarships to offer and sometimes you have more good instate players than available number of scholarships.

I wasn’t referring to anyone who became an AA. I said what if, referring to the last few years and the next few years (example would be Franklin, considered very similar to Hall and Garland, and actually rated higher on 247).

I agree there are hits and misses each year, but many bash CMA on who he missed (Goodwin, Monk) yet say he got the best he went after.

I know there are 13 scholarships. You have to be selective, but it’s the coaches fault if he misses, as much as its his credit when he finds a steal (CJ Jones)