Mike Anderson fired but no reaction from our Insiders?

Any thoughts?

yes, BS. Mike shoulda never came here.

This is the business of coaching. He’s made a fortune and will be fine. Will probably get another gig and be fine. This is the business.

Not sure if he had an opportunity to make changes and stay. I would guess he did, but refused.

I know most of the money people I talked to indicated they thought Mike was gone.

Yeah, we really held him back. Stifled his creativity and ability to blossom.

What a crock…

What reaction would you like…

Next Coach better have thick skin.

I would think since we pay to be on the insider board that our insiders would post about a pretty big day in Hog sports.

Sorry, I’ve been working on the story that is on the site. That has been my top objective since the news broke.

I’m not surprised at the decision in light of the way this past season went and the meeting Yurachek and Anderson had yesterday. I think you get to a point where the employee has lost too many supporters and everyone is never going to be fully on board again. It happened to Houston Nutt. It happened to Jeff Long. It happened to Mike Anderson.

Smh I think we go backwards here I hope I’m wrong

I was driving back from Memphis as I posted earlier when I got tipped off and then went about getting it confirmed through three different solid sources before I put up my winter is coming tweet.

Great man, first and foremost.

He expected more in this eight years as did the fans and admin.

I am not going to sit here and say he didn’t get a fair shot.

I think he was better than many of his critics thought and not as great as some of his supporters thought.

It is what it is and I wish him well at his next stop.


I’ve been at football practice from 4 p.m. until now, so I haven’t had a chance to get on.

I said following the Florida loss in Nashville that I thought he would be fired/dismissed once the season ended. I had the thought that something would change sooner rather than later. Matt summed it up well, too. I am surprised, yet not surprised at the same time. It’s kind of hard to imagine Arkansas basketball without Mike.

I’m glad you asked. A Hour or two earlier I saw cheap comments that said winter is coming, well they got that part right, and it will blow so cold. I guess they have never heard of harvest law, you reap what you sow…billionaires Fertitta owner of the Houston Rockets and UH supporter will never let Sampson get away to be honest I don’t think he wants to leave those deep pockets, regardless good luck, let the games begin

Very well said ! WPS

I hope he has a thick wallet soon!

Man these old posts get me confused

I though MA had been fired at St John’s


Me to Doc…its the same guy every time that does this.

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Count me in as one who was confused. Interesting way to resurrect an old thread.

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To call it asinine would show disrespect to Donkeys. SMH…


Love reading these old threads. Fun to see what we were all thinking at the time and compare it to what actually happened… although I guess a few people will get upset when their (wrong) words of the past are in full view!?