Mike Anderson and Steals correlation

Sitting here wondering why we don’t get very many steals as a team like back in the day. I looked at Mike’s record. While at UAB his teams lead the Nation in Steals every season except 1 year. And that year he finished 2nd in steals. At Mizzou he was in the top 5 every year except 1 year, the year Mizzou was not in the top 40. That was also his worst W-L year as a coach. At Arkansas he has never been in the top 5 and most years not in the top 20 in steals. Since we are never going to be a good rebounding team we usually could depend on getting steals. But nowadays we can’t seem to do either. Back in Nolans days we were always ranked very high in steals. Why has Mike stopped doing what has worked for him in the past?

Good question and there in is a major problem for us.

We had 8.3 steals per game this year, which is 21st in the country. Not leading the country, but better than 332 other teams, so to say he “stopped doing what has worked for him in the past” is just completely not supported by the facts. The difference could easily be that his UAB teams had individuals who were better at stealing the ball. We’ve seen that here. Alvin Robertson was a master. So were Lee Mayberry, Todd Day, Corey Beck and Clint McDaniel; Clint holds the season mark with 102 steals, which at the time was an SEC record, and is still second on the list. Mayberry holds the career record; Day is second.

We are also ninth in the country in turnovers forced. Sometimes you get steals, sometimes you make them travel or throw it out of bounds, but you get the ball either way.

21st in the country is a LONG way from being #1. And the previous years we were not even that high, much lower. For instance '17-'18 we were ranked #173. Fact is we don’t play defense like we use to or have the players to play the defense like we used to. Our record proves it. Mike’s teams do better when they get steals. Until we start getting more steals we will struggle to win. The stats bear this out.

21st is a long way from #1? No. 330th is a long way from #1.

FIU leads the nation with 10.6 steals per game. We had 8.3. We also played FIU in December. They had 8 steals that night, we had 10. And we beat them by 32. Just maybe FIU led the nation because they played a bad schedule.

Among teams in Power 5 conferences, Arkansas was ninth in steal rate, according to KenPom, coming up with a takeaway on 11.4 percent of its defensive possessions. That 11.4 percent figure is 23rd nationally and fourth in the SEC behind Auburn, LSU and Mississippi State. No. 1 is Washington at 13.4 percent.

Rule changes, so many timeouts, and the fact that he hasn’t been able to sign the super quick 5 star basketball players are factors that limits the style of basketball he is trying to play.

Arkansas just hasn’t been able to recruit fours or guards to play at a high level consistently

Players make coaches look than they actually are why else do coaches go out of their way to cheat by paying for players instead of paying someone to steal the opposing coach’s playbook etc

Steals are kind of like the 80 yd touchdown play or the grand slam.
You can’t depend on them to win ballgames.

You win games by being efficient on both ends of the court.

Good defensive teams do not “depend” on steals. They keep good defensive position, don’t leave shooters wide open, and complete the defensive possession by REBOUNDING THE BALL

Rebound! I hope that’s a priority next season. Limiting the number of shots for the enemy. That would help.