Mike and the kids fought hard in this one

Nice to see.

As Dudley and others have said, we need recruit more men but the boys played like men and had a solid effort today.

I agree. I didn’t expect to win this game, but was still disappointed in the loss. I didn’t expect to be within one shot of winning at the end of the game. They hustled & played hard on the home court of a top 20 opponent. Who knows? Maybe we’ll still win enough to get into the tourney. Hope so.

Agree. I’m disappointed but proud. Did not expect it to be that close, especially with the 3’s not falling for us with a corresponding high percentage for them. On to the next game.

I think Mike is facing a real fan issue next season if he misses the NCAA this year… maybe he can rally the youth out of this effort and turn the corner?

  1. This team is very young.
  2. As I recall, with only one exception, losses have been by only 1-5 points. Only a thing or two go in our favor (that didn’t)
    and each of these games are in our win column.
  3. Even when playing very poorly and down by double digits, this team has repeatedly shown their ability and will to fight
    back. Note that this is rather rare, and almost unheard of with a team so young.
    Hang in there. Things might surprise us and improve. Perhaps not, but (given the above) the potential appears to be there.