Mike A

I would not be surprised at all to see Mike end up in the Tulsa job. Would be a much better fit for him than St. John’s. He never really seemed like a New York City kind of guy to me.

Mike’s making $2.6 million at St. John’s. Haith was making half that at Tulsa and I don’t think TU can afford MA.

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2.6 million in New York City and 1.3 million in Tulsa are probably approximately equivalent. I don’t know what he has coming back next year but I am guessing he doesn’t have much longer at Saint Johns and might be looking for an exit

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Jeff Goodman and other national writers are saying that Anderson to Tulsa is something to watch for.

I think Missouri could go after CMA and get him to come back!

Well, he is the last coach to win an NCAA tournament game at Mizzou.

Seems like winning Big East COY should earn him a free pass for a year at least. But he’s probably on the hot seat next year. Also some assistant he fired is suing him and St. John’s. His recruiting has been strong there but he definitely underperformed expectations this year with the talent he had. He would know better than anyone what his chances of having future success in NY are. I like being able to see him on tv often in big East games. Whatever conference Tulsa is in I don’t think will be as entertaining or on tv as much. I imagine he would boost local interest and likely expand the fan base for Tulsa. Can they be a strong program though? I mean he played there so I doubt he thinks it’s impossible or not good enough for him… living in the northeast now I selfishly want him to stay at St. John’s but he has a big challenge to make it work there and is that where he wants to retire anyways?

I’d love to see him back in Tulsa. I was there 79-82…good years for TU and the Hogs.

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Mike has benefited from recruiting the NYC area, but he has recruited nationally as well. Overland Park, KS/Link Prep and Monteverde/FL are two that stood out to me.

Paul Pressey is on his staff and you know that would be an easy sell - Pressey is still one of the top 5 players in TU’s hoops history. I can see Shea Seals getting a mention, too, from the HS ranks.

TU has a financial crunch, though, and MA will definitely be taking a paycut to come to TU. Seals would be a great fit on the staff if he isn’t a candidate for hte HC position.

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