Miguel Ausua will start for ORU

Here is what his coach had to say about him: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … l-roberts/

I don’t think we got any favors at all by getting ORU as a 4.
And the “crafty lefties” always give us fits.
I am very apprehensive of this game

have not liked this draw at all! they give us fits everytime we play and the crafty lefty may very just our left hand hitters down and they are the only ones been hitting fior us…going to be a tough tough game.

On the flip side, ORU fans are thinking, “He’s good, but he hasn’t faced a lineup like Arkansas.”

It sure seems to me that ORU got the shaft with a 4 seed, and therefore so did we!!!

Don’t like this match up considering we are a #1 seed. :evil:

We should win, but it won’t be the cake walk some #1’s get. Since anything can happen in a given baseball game, this one worries me, too. Still, Trevor has pitched very well lately & our hitters have been hot. Doubt this kid is anywhere nearly as good as that Walker kid for LSU.

Well, the selection committee did its usual part to ensure that LSU will be in Omaha. Its LSU and three weak sisters. Two of the teams are the type you schedule mid-week to make sure you get a win. Rice is, I suppose, the second best team and they barely have a wining record. Texas Southern, LSU’s first opponent has a terrible losing record. I think someone in Baton Rouge has some nasty pictures of people on the selection committee.

And, although they are certainly capable of winning a regional, Missouri St and Ok St. are manageable if we play the way we typically do at home.

Although they beat us early, Ok St wouldn’t have made the tournament but for a tourney run and we battered Missouri St at their place.

The regional is not a cakewalk and probably shouldn’t be, especially since we’re not a national seed. Some top seeds in their regions will probably have an easy first game, but even most 4 seeds can scrape up at least one good pitcher to keep the games close at least for a while.

Exactly. That’s the problem with getting something between a 10-13 national seed. We face a tough #4 who has at least one good pitcher. Winning that first (and 2nd) game is so important. It’s much harder to win from the loser’s bracket, so we’ve got to be hot on the mound & in the batter’s box tonight & tomorrow. I’m getting a bit nervous.

I think Arkansas will win this game. They are prepared to face top-flight pitching. And, most of the lefties do hit lefties, or have this season. And, the obvious flip side, ORU has not been facing the same competition and neither has Missouri State. That’s the reason they aren’t seeded higher.

Thanks for talking me off the ledge, Clay. I tend to climb on it too quickly. :smiley:

I’m reminded of when we played Boise State in our football opener in 2002, back before Boise became everyone’s favorite BCS buster. We cleaned their clocks, 41-14, then they won every game the rest of the season and finished top 15 in the polls. They were a good team, to be sure, but they didn’t play anyone else nearly as good as we were (that was the Miracle on Markham team). ORU and Misery State are good, but they haven’t played our level of competition.