Might we see some Wildhog surprises this week?

In an attempt to get some speed on the edge? I don’t think this O-line will be able to line up and play smash mouth against the LSU front. I don’t think they’ll be able to protect our QB’s either. Gotta get play makers like Hammond, Warren, Jones and possibly even Barnes in space. I hope Enos gets very creative this week.

Barnes has not been on the travel roster, and that includes the Ole Miss game after Hammonds was moved back to running back.

Dan Enos continues to do a nice job without a solid offensive line. We score plenty of points to win games, somehow. Yet our defense is just brutally bad. Can we not try something else on defense? Make LSU beat you with the pass, stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run. That is the Tigers’s strength…running the football. Everyone knows that. It might not work, but it might.

Did Hammonds play any QB in high school?

Warren and Barnes both played QB in High School. Can we see a trick play with Warren connecting with Jordan Jones? How about Warren on a QB keeper with K. Jackson and A. Cantrell as lead blockers?

The Wildcat (Wild Hog) that Nutt used in 2007 had three of the best running backs in the SEC. Darren McFadden was the best RB in Hog history. Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis were featured backs during their NFL careers. That was only time that an entire backfield was that skilled in Hog history. Our current backs are good, but they certainly can’t be compared with that group. Besides. I don’t think that skilled group would have been nearly as successful with the current offensive line. And as much as I hate to give credit to the “real man of genius”, that team was also much better coached than today’s team.

If this formation was a complete surprise, It would work until the defense adjusted. You still have to block the defense, or no formation or plays will work.

This team is really bad and I hate it for the players. They don’t have the guts and desire to fight to win. This whole program has lost so much and so badly that the team is not mentally capable of coming back against a good team. LSU is not Coastal Carolina.

I hope that my analysis is totally wrong and the Hogs win out and win a minor bowl. WPS.

I’m.sure you just forgot that Jackson tore his ACL in fall camp and hasn’t played all year.

Poster is referring to FB Kendrick

As for the defense I’d be willing to say if Paul Rhoades would simply wake up mad at the world tomorrow morning and become aggressive it might help. Run blitz and man to man press coverage on the outside is our only chance and we don’t seem to have the group to do it. Winning one on one matchups are required for big boy ball.
Our Oline problems are well noted but we have acted more than enough points to win!
It may take Devine intervention for our hogs to win tomorrow.

It would be a big mistake to take Barnes’ redshirt at this time of the season.

He’s played, but not enough to waste his shirt.