Might want to watch for

Chad Morris to South Carolina as OC. The OC reportedly was just let go.

Heard earlier in the week this was a possibility.

BTW, told Morris got full price on his house. So who on the board got themselves a second home?

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The way he judges QB talent and worked that position at Arkansas he won’t last long!

That would help with our financial obligations to Morris. But I wonder if they get him at a bargain because we’re paying him?

Didn’t work here but he got the ball rolling at Clemson with Watson. I get he’s not well thought of here, but in SC, he’s very highly thought of and respected.

Chad Morris is not a bad coach as many of you want to characterize him.

He’s just not a good head coach.

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He’s not a bad coach, but I sure hope we play them soon, cause they’ll only have 20 percent of the offense for the next 2 years

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20% of hammer down should be called hurry up and wait!

Dudley, you may be right. The guy did a poor job here, but he was doomed from day one. The players and fans did not want him from day one. I hope he does well in the future as i have been told he is a great guy.

Did his son commit to the Chickens?

I don’t see that being the case. He could’ve been successful if he did the right things and would’ve been fine. He won over people with his recruiting but the Ws didn’t happen.

Based on the product on the field, it’s hard to see how he wasn’t a bad coach while he was here. If we’re going to say they were running his offense and he had say on that, then it was terrible. We asked numerous times if Craddock was running the offense or CCM. We were told CCM had input and final say.

About all I could say he was good at, based on results, is recruiting.

In my opinion he failed to be able to motivate the players as a whole to play as a team! That’s his job as a head coach. Based on the QB shuffle and the 2 transfer of Kelley and Storey it’s pretty obvious he missed! Morris didn’t
Come to Arkansas with the intent to go 2-10 and 2-8 but that’s how the record sits. The next HC needs to be able to lead!

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Also being mentioned as Texas OC.

I can agree with that assessment. WPS

South Carolina finished ahead of Arkansas in virtually every offensive category the past two years, and I think the defenses in the East collectively have been better than the defenses in the West. If South Carolina hired Morris, I think it would be a tough sell to the fan base.

Since you never let your emotions play into being a journalist please enlighten us on your journalistic research that points him to a good coach? And what type of coach? And please include a balanced opinion with facts that support both sides - though that’s difficult now that you’ve given an opinion.

EOE-A is also open but is bigger than Chad boy can handle. Dabo is not ever going to hire him back now that he is blood stained and battered from his AR gig. He has entered the Lane Kiffin path of being contrite and working his way back up which is a long time coming. While he has his son is his time to get a new gig with any prestige. Find a program that needs Chandler as a QB. It is a time honored BB tradition.