Might want to keep an eye on Louisville's El Ellis

He is now following Mennifield, Battle, and Mark on Instagram.


Rumor is he is coming. Only good player I remember Louisville having.

Guess we really aren’t pursuing any bigs…maybe BJ Mack?

Very much after bigs, but we’re being more secretive about it


Secretive or more Selective?

Is Perry no longer being considered Razorag?

I’m not informed, so just a guess on my part, but this seems to be a case of a player higher on our board becoming available. Perry also might not have been ready to commit and not take visits after visiting us. Either (or both) scenarios make sense.

I know this is McPherson, but this does not sound like a player who is not under consideration.

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I know no one cares about my opinion, but after a little reading, I really want Perry. 41+% from 3 on high volume plus takes and makes free throws at a high clip (89%). And perhaps the best defender on a stellar defensive team. Seems like a taylor made Muss player other than being 6’1”.


Every player says they fit after they visit. So I take that FWIW. What is odd in his statement is that he says we need a PG. Hogs have Menifield and Mark is a PG too.,

And Blocker

Yes. I thought I was missing one but could not think of the name and was too lazy to look up the roster. Thanks.

It sounds like the Hogs told Perry they needed a commitment now or they’d move on. He wasn’t ready to make a decision.

Ellis was up next.

He’s not near 6’1. Listed at 5’11 and he’s not that even. Good college player though. I think he could be better than El Ellis; however, I don’t think there’s a wide gap when I look at film.

I think Mark can play the point, but that is not the intended plan. I think he will primarily be off the ball.

Thanks, I was about to ask where PJ, where he heard or read that. I had not seen anything supporting his playing PG here.

His High School bio says PG. And I heard a discussion on why he is leaving Houston, where the host mentioned that Mark would like to play sone point, something he did not get to do in Houston.

This one is a puzzler for me. Five guards, at least two PGs. I’m trying to do the math and keep adding one plus one and come up with three. Is Mitchell staying, is Walsh gone. Assume Devo is gone. How many of the guards are actually going to be here versus going pro etc…just a bit puzzled by it all.

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