Might have been an interesting day at the SF house

The Aggies’ DH today, Chris Andritsos, is my ex-wife’s nephew. She’s a UA graduate, but I guarantee you right now family trumps school for her. In fact she’s confirmed it; I just texted her (we still stay in touch about the kid).

Talk about irreconcilable differences. :smiley:

We already had those…

There’s nothing wrong with rootin for the young man when they aren’t playing the hogs.

Agreed. The ex lives in SoCar now and has been wearing out ESPN+ watching Chris play; I believe she went to Georgia or maybe SoCar to see the Aggies’ series there earlier. And I’ve been tracking him a little; I remember seeing him play when he was about 7. He’s had a hand injury that has limited him. He’s pitched some for the Ags, or did before the hand injury. That’s probably why he’s DHing, so he never has to throw.

Out of The Woodlands High outside Houston, Chris signed with OU, which is his dad’s alma mater; his older sister also was at OU. But he didn’t like Norman, or maybe didn’t like his situation with the Sooners, and transferred to A&M about 75 miles from home.

Maybe he overcomes the hand injury and gets to where he can pitch again!

I’m not sure team loyalties can be overcome in a marriage. Something has to give. I hate to tell this, but my wife graduated from…from…Ole Miss. Yes, I said it. She did.

However, she learned very soon that one of us had to go. I’m happy to report she’s become as big a hog fan as I am, minus the gut-level hatred of Ole Miss. I knew it was permanent when she posted on facebook following that miraculous 4th & 25 play in overtime in Oxford, “Hunter Henry is my hero.” Her college roommate texted her that such an emotion “hurt her heart.” My wife told her to take some Tums.

:lol: :lol: Perfect