Might be wrong but

I believe that Bumper Pool is turning into a NFL linebacker.GHG!


I was happy to see him dropping back and getting hands on passes!

Don’t know about that. Perhaps. but 20 tackles will get you in the All SEC talk. The guy plays so hard.

The improvements in Bumper Poole game are impressive. While I thought that he was one of only a few Razorbacks who consistently played hard last year, he seemed like he was often half a step slow. This year, he plays much faster. He gets in the right place much faster. He might be slightly faster, but the big difference is that the defensive coaches have the players lined up correctly and they are in a position to play fast because they know what to expect. If you have great effort coupled with good coaching, you can win a lot of games. I believe that CBO will continue to tweak the defense and that it will still improve.


ricemab54 you hit the nail on the head! Bingo!

Pool. :grinning:

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