Might be Arkansas' best graphic


That is sharp

I know the kid is probably talking about the Purge movies, but I couldn’t help but think that CM is going to be doing his own purge of the roster before those guys get on campus.

It is a really cool image.

Congrats to whomever put that together. Great impression…

Now THAT is a great graphic man!!! Well done!!

Lots of number 1’s and 2’s on that team . . . I hope the special teams coach takes note!!

Awesome!! well done!

I think the greater the depth, the better the special teams get.

It takes quality depth to overcome injuries and also to sustain defensive intensity during games. And yes I agree your special teams gets more productive.
I like the graphics but what’s so great is this crootin class has some motivated young talent coming in with a purpose. They will play with an edge.