Might be a good NBA Combine follow for you this week

Walsh 36 on the VJ. Not bad.

Anthony Black went 39 inches on the max vertical jump. Impressed by that.

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I think Black will do a lot more physically impressive things as a rookie than he was able to show at times last year, when he too often played too many minutes while battling nagging injuries. Put him in a rotation where he’s playing 20-25 minutes a game and he’ll be able to do more explosive things more often.

Agreed. Black has shown his durability is a major strength- a reasonable minutes load and he will play a lot of NBA games in his career

With those measurables, it sure seems like Walsh is gone.
What do you think, Scottie?

I’m not going to make a judgment based on his vertical and whatnot. I think those numbers are from early in testing, but they’re good nonetheless. I’ll try to post the numbers when they’re all available.

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Here is what I’ve found so far:

Anthony Black

Height without shoes: 6-5 3/4

Weight: 210 pounds

Wingspan: 6-7 1/2

Three-quarter court sprint: 3.35 seconds

No-step vertical leap: 32 inches

Max vertical leap: 39 inches

Jordan Walsh

Height without shoes: 6-5 3/4

Weight: 204 pounds

Wingspan: 7-1 3/4

Lane agility drill: 10.83 seconds

Three-quarter court sprint: 3.30 seconds

No-step vertical leap: 33 inches

Max vertical leap: 36 inches

Three-point star drill: 12/25

Spot-up shooting: 16/25

Side-mid-side shooting: 18/30

Ricky Council

Height without shoes: 6-5

Weight: 208 pounds

Wingspan: 6-9

Do you think Walsh is coming back, Scottie? I promise not to share your thoughts.:grin:

Personally, I think he is all in at this point, and I can’t say I blame him.

His measurables show what an incredible athlete he is, and I doubt very seriously that he intended to play 2 years of college ball.

Yes, he could move into the lottery next year, but he could also get hurt.

As of right now I don’t think he will be back. Things can change, though. He’s the kind of guy who can and likely will impress in the combine setting and draw the eyes of decision makers.

ALSO: I’ve made some additions to the measurements/drill results post above.

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Black weighing a couple of pounds more than Council and Walsh is a slight surprise. When Black gets a couple of years in a pro training program and puts on another 5-10 pounds of muscle he’s going to be a problem for a lot of defenders, particularly if the shooting improves a bit.

I’m sure Dudley is disappointed that they measure their height without shoes. Or that the NFL doesn’t weigh guys in helmet and shoulder pads.

Made some more updates here. I will keep adding to this file as info comes available:

Walsh and even Ricky have better athleticism measurements than Black, but Black has better maximum vertical leap than the other two. A bit strange.

Is Nick attending the combine, but not competing due to injury?

There is usually a group of players at each combine that aren’t officially measured and drilled. He’s in Chicago, to my knowledge.

Black outweighs Walsh by 5 pounds in hair mass alone! :sunglasses:

If you ever saw AB up close, he is very solidly built.
His legs are like tree trunks.

100%. And when we got to spend some time in the locker room during the NCAA Tournament, I was convinced he was all of 6-7. Then again, I’m 5-10 on a good day. Might not be the best judge.


AB will be a great pro. No doubt in my mind.
It really sucks how bad the teams in the SEC beat him up last year.
The last laugh is on them, because he never gave in to the BS, and he is about to get paid.
Can’t wait to buy his Rookie Card!
Love that kid!

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