Midweek pitching

Arkansas’ plan is to start Kole Ramage and let him go for a while tomorrow vs. Northwestern State. I think you’ll see some other top relievers like Kopps or Kostyshock used tomorrow night, and probably Cronin if the game is tight late.

On Wednesday, it will be a lot of young pitchers who are going to be asked to get the job done.

Yeah Wednesday could be interesting to say the least!

Northwestern State has wins over Houston and LSU, both top 50 RPI. But they also have eight losses against teams outside the top 150. Wildly inconsistent, I’d say.

The Wednesday night game worries me because once we get that deep into our pitching staff, we notice a significant drop off. I have no idea what we can expect from NW pitching for the second of a mid-week game.

I’m sure NW State will also be deep into their staff on Wednesday as well.

It very well could be that these teams only play once this week. There is an increasing chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night.

do these mid week teams we play, throw a top pitcher against us to boost their resume’ or do they do like we do, throw youngsters and non weekend starters and save the best for conference?

When the hogs played Texas the second game Texas used a top arm to secure the win.

Army, yes that was a low blow. But, at the end of the day (sorry for the cliche), look where TX is and where we are right now.

Matt just said we’d close with Cronin if needed. Of course he needs the work too, which could have been the case for the Fallopians.

Yes Texas used their closer the last three innings against us on Wednesday and paid for it on Friday when they lost a 2-1 lead in the 9th to TCU when he wasn’t available

I believe that almost all teams will bring in at least one top arm near the end if there is a chance to score an RPI victory. What’s an RPI victory for one team, might not be one for the other. So think about that concept a bit. The key is whether or not the conference series is on Thursday or Friday. I wonder if you’ll see Kostyshock in the midweek. He needs to dust off some rust. He had velocity on Saturday, but not consistent location.

While I hope the hogs win tonight and tomorrow I don’t want to see them sacrifice a SEC game 1 by burning arms now this close to the end of the season! Some work on the mound in a game that would equal a bullpen may not be a bad thing but we sure don’t need to use a regular bullpen pitcher for over and inning tonight or tomorrow.