Midweek games

You never know what you are going to get in a midweek game. Oftentimes power teams will find themselves facing a weekend starter on Tuesday or Wednesday. Arkansas sort of saw that last night when Missouri State brought its Sunday starter in for a few innings.

The power teams don’t want to burn their arms because they see the weekend series as most important. In many instances, you have to slug your way to midweek wins. You’ve seen that from Arkansas the past few weeks, winning by scores of 8-7, 10-9, 7-6 and 11-7.

Florida lost 8-4 to Jacksonville at home last night when it stranded 12 base runners. UCLA lost 8-1 to UC Irvine. Texas A&M had to score a run in the seventh and eighth to beat Texas State 7-5.

You take midweek wins any way you can get them.

Yes, Matt, there were several upsets last night, Florida being the biggest one. But in the SEC alone, Louisville beat Kentucky, 8-2 (of course that’s a rivalry game); Samford beat Alabama, 6-0; and Presbyterian beat South Carolina, 7-4. Georgia “upset” Clemson, 6-1, though I wouldn’t call that an upset. Yes, Arkansas has been fortunate to win its midweek games and next week against Texas Tech will be quite a battle.

Honestly, I would take a split with TT right now.

I would agree with the split with Texas Tech. But would a 2 game seep be nice!

That doesn’t sound nice at all!

Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Go hogs.

As always, the minimal goal of any series is to not get swept. Anything other than that is acceptable, if not optimal.

Of course, that’s unless it’s the last series of the season and you HAVE to win or sweep to attain some kind of goal - conference championship, inclusion in the post-season tournament, boosting RPI to give yourself a chance of being an at-large NCAAT team, etc.

It will be interesting to see how Tech lines their pitching up to play the Hogs… I think we’ll see some of their best on the mound.

For Texas Tech, the Arkansas games are sandwiched between weekend series against quality teams, Oklahoma and TCU. The Arkansas games are no more important to Texas Tech than the Tech games are to Arkansas. You try to win them, but not at the expense of burning arms for conference play.

You won’t see weekend starters in that series; just the best from each bullpen.

This is where Reindel and Ramage can really make a difference

I was wondering about that when this thread first opened. Glad to hear it. As bad as I’d like to beat TT both games, I didn’t want to do so at the expense of weekend pitching. I was afraid TT might be in a better position to waste pitchers than we are.

Big 12 is not quite as deep as the SEC, but it’s not far away. K-State is the only Big 12 team outside the RPI top 100 (Iowa State doesn’t have baseball). Tennessee is the SEC bottom feeder at 81 RPI.