Midseason break

I won’t be around for the next several games. I’m heading out tomorrow for a vacation with my family - our first since our son was born last February. (No, my wife does not consider the 15 nights they spent in Omaha as vacation.) I haven’t taken many Spring Break trips, but it is a good time to get away with my wife being a teacher and coach.

I’ve set up coverage for all of the games while I’m away and I’ve got at least a couple of stories and a podcast left to publish, but I won’t be on the board much until after the Alabama series.

Enjoy your vacation with your family!

The Hogs get a mid season break, too, next week. Playing at Texas and Alabama. wps

Thanks for what you bring Matt. Good luck.

Glad you’re doing that Matt, it’s well deserved we all need to recharge our batteries every now and then I hope you have a great time!

Rest relax and stay away from work. Take it from an old retired dude. I should have done more of that at your age.

I hope that you, Ashley, and Jack have a great vacation!

Have a good vacation, Matt.

You are 100% correct on that. I am in the same boat.