Middle Tenn

I’ve paid a little attention to D. Williams whine got in trouble here and transferred.
He is posting some stats for Middle Tenn
Last year and this year would have been totally different if he had kept his nose clean.


Middle Tennessee is benefiting from all the development Williams got here. On another board, it was a guy that was saying he watched some pick-up games before the season last year and JaCorey Williams looked like the best player. You could see from his performance his junior year he was about ready for his breakout season. I’m not sure if he would have been enough difference last year to help us make the NCAA tournament, but he may have could have been the difference from a 16 win season to an 18 win season and a NIT appearance.

I watched their game against La Tech and was impressed with Jacorey. He could have made a big difference last season just by impacting the defense. I think Jacorey has benefited from usage. He gets shots regularly now. His form on his jumper didn’t look much different to me, but it’s difficult to shoot a good percentages just taking a couple of shots a game. He was obviously more confident. I think transfers often benefit from a complementary system of instruction, as well. Every coach has their strengths and weaknesses.

He’s leads them in points and rebounds a lot I’ve checked out some of their box scores. He would have impacted last year.
He has some size.

They also have a freshman PG, Tyrik Dixon, who grew up in Bentonville and played his last 2 years at SW Christian in Little Rock. (he also played on the Wings AAU). He is averaging 6 pts and 3 assists a game as a true FR PG playing 24 min ppg.

Really solid class in Arkansas last year.

Response: I’m that guy that shared those comments. Again a very close friend of mine had two of his nephews attending Mike’s summer camp 2015, all they talked about was two of Ark players that really stood out in the scrimmages Hannah they stated he never missed shooting the three ball, J Williams is a beast unstoppable on both ends and to them he is the best player on the floor. Hindsight validates Hannah in addition to Bell finishing strong as a scorer Durham an outstanding point guard to the extent some fans still make comparisons to what he brought to that 2015 team and finally Kingsley only piece missing was J.Williams at the 4 spot. I intended to reach out to Mike about Williams strong play and gotten sidetracked before I knew it the program was reeling with this fake money crap involving Beard, Williams, and Thomas in addition to the altercation involving Williams again and his girlfriend was just too many battle fronts to fight, he couldn’t be saved so Mike placed Jacorey in another good program where he would get a fresh start…I tend to differ with you I believe Jacorey would have help Kingsley on the boards defending the paint and definitely scoring in addition to boasting a stronger rotation. I saw fatigue ending their season late they did not have enough in the tank… regardless we will never know

We played most games last year with 4 1/2 men. The 4 spot give minimal contributions. JaCorey could have filled that void.

These are games that maybe, just maybe he could have made a difference.

Stanford Away (Neutral Site) -3
Wake Forest Away -3 Last second shot
Mercer NLR -3 OT
Dayton Away -4 OT
LSU Away -2
Georgia Away -3 OT
Florida Away -4
Auburn Home -4

We will never know.