Middle Tenn beats Big Ten Again

Not surprised at all by this. I thought the Blue Raiders were probably the most under seeded team in the tourney. Not a great game by Jacory today. He seemed a little too amped up. Solid game for the Freshman Dixon from Bentonville. IMHO, Middle has a real shot at beating The Butler.

Middle Tennessee has a real good team and yea they can beat Butler!

Lets not play them in the future as a rent-a-win.

They probably fell off the radar for some schools for the rent-a-win department.

Middle and Belmont are neither good choices for rent a win, not much in the whole MidTn region that is easy. Tn STate has a hot young coach, UTC whipped everyone early. If only MA could have redshirted Jacorey for punishment, then we would have our 4 to count on. I know that is not possible, but I have been talked by many people who think Jacorey has been a great kid on campus for 2 years not just this year. He woke up and is now flying right.