Mid-week pitching again

I’m sure we can overcome a 3 run deficit after 1/2 an inning, but I sure don’t like having to. This time last week I felt good about the way we’d jumped on UALR.

The 2 hits don’t tick me off as much as the HBP!
The other thing that stinks the lefty on the mound got Ezell to expand and K.
Then he junked Martin into a K only throwing 1 strike the fastball he watched for strike 3. Martin may have been the one hog needing a day off out of the lineup more than anyone else! He get himself out period.

What bothers me is they’re freshman and sophomores…argh, next year.

Grand slam!!! way to go HK! yes all those freshman pitchers better improve dramatically or its going to be ugly unless we are brining in some impact arms.

LOL Rammage coming in a starts throwing BP unreal I swear these guys going to make me drink hard liquor and i dont even drink embarrasing

There’s something amiss with Ramage

He got lit up

Then we have the old run score on the throw from catcher to pitcher. Something you see maybe once every 20 years. And we do it twice in 3 weeks.

What do you call it when the pitcher drops the ball on the throw back from the catcher? I guess that man on 3rd was going to just sit there. That’s at least twice this year that’s happened to us. So 5-3 becomes 5-6 immediately. SMH

we hang a lot of breaking balls and that will not be a good idea agianst Vandy.

Ramage should have caught the throw from Plunkett … but it was a bad throw. Plunkett has trouble throwing the ball back to the pitcher. I’m not kidding. He has made pitchers jump all over the mound to catch his throws. He throws from his haunches. Does not always stand up. You NEVER do that with a runner on third and he did.

I played catcher all the way until American Legion. You are taught to stand up and step to the mound with runner’s on base. And, also, throw to the glove side of the pitcher. Plunkett threw it to the arm side, a no-no.

How do I know this? I was taught by Bill Dickey. When I was 13 and it was determined by my coach that I should catch, my dad took me to Bill Dickey’s house for pointers. Well, that’s getting them from a Hall of Famer. I wasn’t sure who he was then, but after my dad told me a second time, I got it. When you are 13, you always aren’t sure what Hall of Fame means.

There were several things Mr. Dickey told me, but one of them was you can stick your hand behind your butt with no one on base. Protect the meat hand, he said. It was about 2-3 years later that Johnny Bench began doing that in the MLB. It wasn’t a common practice then. Mr. Dickey showed me his throwing hand. The fingers were all crooked, from foul tips.

The other thing that hit home to me, he said, “Step to the pitcher and fire it back to his glove side. Throw it hard. It will make your arm stronger and it will also make the other team think you have a strong arm. Make the pitcher’s glove pop like he makes your mitt pop.”

Just in case I didn’t get any of that, my father repeated it to me on the way home. I got it, dad.

If Plunkett blocks the throw keeping the runner from advancing to 3rd base in the first place it’s a moot point.
Plunkett fails to show what I call good technique behind the plate. He dose a poor job receiving the pitch and screws up the umpires vision of pitches. He is just lazy behind the plate.
I was wrong about Martin needing a day off he had 4 hits tonight.
Heston 2 big homers and it was great seeing Goddheart hit his 1st homer.

I can’t remember many years when midweek pitching wasn’t an issue. Maybe 2013, but that team couldn’t hit and lost some midweek games. Midweek games are a grind for college teams, including good teams.

Go look at top 25 scores on Tuesdays the past two weeks and you’ll see it.