Mid-season thoughts

Some thoughts after today’s game, and watching other games.

  1. We are 4-1. Let that sink in. This football program, which lost what felt like a lifetime worth of conference games in a row under the previous coach, is 4-1 in only Sam’s second year. FOUR AND ONE. Yes, it sucked watching us get our doors blown off today. But it was LOTS of fun watching us whup Texas and Texas A&M. If you had held out your hand and offered me a 4-1 start before the season started, I would have bitten your hand off…and not asked questions.

  2. People will come and strongly disagree with me on this, but I don’t think we can suddenly conclude we have an average defense based on today. Honestly, I think today reminded us why virtually no one played with 5 in the box with 6 DB’s before the spread came around. That defense is geared to stop finesse spread teams. Georgia has the ability to say “ok…5 in the box huh? Then here comes some old fashioned power football.” And make it work. Yes, we could move more players into the box…but they are DB’s. In the old days SEVEN dudes primarily in to play the run were the norm. We had 5.

  3. I am NOT saying we should change defenses. Obviously, most teams out there these days play spread, at least somewhat finesse football. Of the teams on our schedule, only UGA and Bama are really equipped to be truly effective playing power football. And I wasn’t sure Bama could still do that. Until I watched them today. Saban decided to get back to his roots and just run it down Ole Mrs.'s throat. Everyone else runs a system that this defensive philosophy is designed to stop.

  4. As bad as we played, and as bad as our o-line got whipped, KJ actually showed me some things today. made some throws. Never lost his poise. Had a nice run…even with a gimpy knee.

  5. Too many penalties and mediocre kicking game. These are what bothered me the most today. The dogs were just better. But waaaayyy too many 1st and 15’s. 1st and 20’s. And I rarely call for a coach’s head…but Fountain…dude…c’mon man. The fancy schemes aren’t working. I literally hold my breath when we punt. That’s not good.

  6. Trelon is our starter. And he should be. But AJ and Rocket are coming. Fast. You are looking at our next great RB duo. And nothing against #20. He’s played some great ball. But AJ and Rocket. Those are the two studs. Watch them continue to blossom. We need them to.

  7. The next two weeks will define our season. Go 2-0 we can still have a great season. Go 1-1, a very good season. 0-2 is something we need to avoid.

Ok…that’s all for now. I’ll think of more I am sure. I am not despairing. Not at all. Disappointed? Yes. Ready to jump off the bus? Heaven’s no.


Ahead of schedule in my opinion, how we fare the rest of the season will somewhat reflect on recruiting. I’m still in the buggy with CSP, recruiting cures all issues if you have the right coach and I believe we have the man for the job.WPS


Good post. I agree with your points. We are not elite but that’s ok. Keep playing tough football and let some of these kids mature, get experience and we’ll be happy. These next couple of games are crucial to continued growth of our PROGRAM in the eyes of recruits and fans. Do we finish 9-3 or 6-6? I was thinking preseason that 6-6 would be a really good season. We’ve got a chance to have a GREAT season if we finish strong

Very good thoughts - the Hogs got beat by a team that will go undefeated this season if they play the remainder of their games like they played yesterday. And yes, that includes Bama. We need to beat Ole Pi$$ next week, that will take the bad taste out of everyone’s mouth


You can’t make big mistakes against the top teams. Penalties killed us, both sides. I don’t believe we would have won with zero penalties, but I do believe we would have made a much better game of it.

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Nice post.

Regarding points number 2 and 3: It emphasizes the importance of recruiting. Coach Pittman understands very well. Stars matter, no question. So does great coaching as well as great work ethic of the individual. All 3 of those factors are involved in great play on the field.

We have great coaching and many, many guys with great work ethic. So does Georgia. The biggest difference on the field between the Hogs and Dogs right now is talent.

Not surprisingly, the Alabama-Ole Miss game was a near mirror image of ours.

We may not be in the same class with Georgia and Alabama right now, but we certainly have a good to great chance against everyone else on the schedule.


Yesterday was many things:
A reality check to temper the over zealous assumptions that we are a top level team.
A template of the type of team(Georgia type physicality)we might be if Sam is successful in putting his stamp on the program.
A compliment to the progress we have made to get a high level effort from both the opponent (an elite one) and it’s fans for an early game.
A challenge to the existing team to step forward, stand still, or step back to the challenges and opportunities in front of them. This challenge is to the coaches, players and the fans. I know many will be tough graders for especially the coaches, and some for the players, but hopefully the fans step up and do their part.

I for one, see this journey to be one with a few big steps, many small steps and unfortunately some stumbles. Yesterday was a stumble, but we can get up and continue. WPS


Vey good post. I’m just glad our program is back to the point where we are surprised and upset when an elite program manhandles us. That dint happen when San Jose and W Ky we’re doing that to us.

I still think 8 wins are a realistic expectation for us this year. I wouldn’t have thought that in August.

Even if we drop the next two, we can still have a good season. As has been stated, most Hog fans would have been thrilled with a 4-3 start after 7 games. 4-1 or 3-2 is highly probable for the last 5 games.

The national pundits who we all complain about giving us “no respect” still respect us — folks still think this is a good team.

Hard to find silver linings in that ugly loss, but the Hogs played hard until the end of the game.

I am very proud of the progress we have made, has given us a chance to be talked about in a positive way.
I think we are getting players that are capable of playing with the elite teams but we’re two or three years away from lining up with them and playing bully ball.

I think for us to go to that level we have to have personnel and scheme. I think you have to be very multiple on defense you can’t sit in one scheme like we did yesterday and expect to stop five bulldozers. You have to go four down even five down when that’s happening and make them throw the football we did not do that.
I think offensively we’ve got to be able to use the whole field,be much more diversified in our attack, you can’t let the defense know what’s coming and expect just to run over a great defense like we saw yesterday. We have to show them things they have not seen or not really prepared for.

I think going forward we can win every game except Bama who will try to attempt to do the same thing Georgia did yesterday. There are exciting times ahead if we would just take care of the ball and not beat ourselves.We can line up and play with the rest of these teams,hopefully that will be good enough to get us 9 or 10 wins…I’m very happy that we are talked about in a positive light now.


Great post. From the hole under the cellar to where the hogs sit now is amazing.

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We got a good idea of where is football program really is. Yes, we are years away from Georgia and Alabama. But we are light years ahead from where we were just 2 years ago. Other than Alabama, there is no sure loss left on the schedule. Everyone else is beatable. Not saying we will win them all. But we’ll win our fair share. This team is going to a bowl this year. Where and when depends on how strong we finish.


I don’t know, our A&M win lost some of it’s luster after the pirate went in and beat them at Kyle Field. Believe it or not, I’m hoping the Longhorns put a whooping on OU just to help us out.

Who do u all think is elite? I only see two in all of college football. I think two teams that have the players and coaches to just overwhelm us. I wasn’t all that surprised with yesterday with the elite level team and first real road game in so long. Road games with a crowd like that are ultra difficult.


Clearly, we are a vastly improved football team. We are a good football team that was soundly whipped by an excellent team that respected us enough to play with great focus and effort. We did not play well and we have some problem areas that can be fixed (Penalties and Special Teams). And Bama is the only other team in the country that is in the same class as Georgia.

The rest of our schedule is winnable. I think that we will win most games and have an amazing turnaround year.


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