Mick Cronin

Thoughts? Apparently having contract dispute with Cincinnati. No FF appearances but has made the tournament the last 9 years.

Remember making tournaments is not enough? Per Yuracheck, he is going to find a coach that will make us a consistent contender for SEC and national championship every year.

PJ, who would you feel would be a good hire? By the way, I’m not trying to start anything. I appreciate your input on the board and always read your posts.

Then there are very few coaches that fit the profile of what Hunter said

And what do you expect HY to say, “We want an average to above average coach. Our goals are to make the NCAAT most of the time, but, not always. We want to be above average in the SEC. We really want to challenge for the SEC title, well, once in a while. I mean, not every year, cause, we just can’t do that, but you know, once every 5 years or so would be great!”

The same thing for coaches when they get hired. Haters later try to use their remarks at the PC against them. What do you expect them to say, “We intend to win just a little bit more than the guy that just got fired. We don’t think we can ever win it all unless we get real lucky and just catch lightning in bottle. But hey, we are going to try hard to be better than the last guy!”



Then there are very few coaches that fit the profile of what Hunter said

Could be off base but I believe thats exactly what PJHawg is saying

I have the feeling you’ve latched onto that particular quote just to use it as a crudgel to wave around because you disagree with the decision to terminate Mike as coach. I also believe there is not a single AD in America that doesn’t want to contend for a conference and/or natioanl title every year. Did you expect him to say “We want a coach that will maybe get into the tournament from time to time, but goals of conference and/or national title don’t matter.” Come on now… be real. That dismissal statement was pure PR… plain and simple.

Fact is either the UofA or HY lost faith that Mike was the man for the job. At that point, whether he is or isn’t doesn’t really matter. If your boss has no faith in you, its never going to work out. Best for both parties to seperate and go their own ways. Could that end up being a big regret… thats possible. Could it work out for the best… thats possible too. To do nothing because you are paralized with the fear it might fail is the recipe to invite failure. There are no guarantees in anything in life, but I’d rather fail in a big way while trying to reach the mountain top then be happy just sitting on the side playing it safe and just looking at the top. We were currently just sitting on the side, with very little to indicate that was going to change.

I liked/like Mike. He was a great guy, a great mentor to the players, a great ambassador for our university, and he was squeaky clean. All reasons to hold our head up. I thought that on the court his style was somewhat hampered by all the changes to rules, timeouts, and how refs now strangle the game… still I knew that style had worked before and given the right mix of players probably could again. I think Mikes issues were all off the court as in recruiting, player retention, roster management, and player development. You can come up short in one or another from time to time and perhaps overcome it, but if your consistantly coming up short in several each year, you are doomed to just trying to survive… no chance to thrive. And like it or not, the buck for all those things sits squarely on a coaches shoulders.



Two things Votan. Yes, I disagree with the decision to fire Mike. I made that clear before. In my opinion based on what our goals are, he should have been fired last year and it would have made sense. Firing him this year when we had the second youngest team in the nation, it looks like we are firing him for not making the tournament because surely you don’t expect to meet our goals with this young team. So, since we didn’t fire him last year, it is prudent to wait another year and see if goals are going to be met, and if it looks like he can’t, release him. There would not have been debate. At least from me.

Second, I have accepted the decision and moved on, it is time to focus on the new coach. The reason I mentioned Yuracheck’s goals, I am sure there is some hyperbole there, but don’t you think he should hire someone that has actually contended for the national title? Does Matt Cronin fit that?

I think as Plan A, we should try to hire a coach that has actually contended for the national title and knows how to do it and knows how to recruit for it. That means being in the Final Four. Because otherwise we are making Anderson type of hire, who also came here with big success but not FF and it didn’t work, I will make one exception for Plan A and that is Chris Beard. I am probably biased because I followed him at UALR, got to talk basketball with him a bit and think the world of Chris. I think he is a slam dunk hire.

Then if Plan A is not possible, we go into Plan B and chase the kind of names that are showing up.

We will probably end up with Plan B, but at least I want them try to match Yuracheck’s goals. Because the probability of success with Plan A are lot higher,

Damn it, I want to be back in Final Four.

I couldn’t agree more PJ!! Thanks for the reply.

As to that point, we should not forget we were in the middle of a fired AD and football coach a year ago. Why should that matter? Well… I really don’t think you ever see a new AD come in and right off the bat start firing coaches (unless he is a puppet for the board and they are calling the shots and I don’t believe that’s the case). Generally they come in and hire new coaches that got fired the same time the AD lost his job. After that, I’m sure they want at least a little time to get their feet on the ground and evaluate the situation and see where it is going. I mean thats not set in stone, but it does seem to be the prudent thing to do in my opine. That being said it makes the argument of “it should have been last year, not this year” kind of a moot point when seen in that context.

As to my like or dislike of Cronin, I really have no idea about him as I know nothing about him. For that matter when Nolan was hired, I knew nothing about him either. I had no idea if he could get us to the mountain top or not. We took a chance and got lightning in a bottle on that one. To me its all a crap shoot. All I know is whomever is the coach, I’ll pull for him and hope he gets what I feel is a fair amount of time to show what he can do. Beyond that, nothing much else I can do. And when he is eventually fired, as almost all coaches are at some point, I hope I’m still alive to pull for the next guy (or by that time gal) in line.

I didn’t want to fire Mike either, but the idea that there was more reason to fire last year than this year doesn’t make sense. Now, getting knocked out in the first round last year didn’t help, but the fact is, we were only NIT this year and finished with a losing SEC record. Yes it was a young team, but who put the team together? Mike. Its like saying we shouldn’t have fired BB after his last year because we had almost no linemen. That is true. It is also a major reason we lost so much. But who was in charge in getting us linemen? BB. The idea that a team was EXPECTED to be poor and was in fact poor, is not an excuse for a coach in anything other than the first few years. I saw lots of post during the year saying “well, this is what was predicted, so, I don’t see the problem.” That makes no sense to me.