I thought I saw back in early December that CBB said that we should be hearing about the replacement for the Michigan series soon. Basically saying they were close to a deal. Did I miss it or is it still not done? Any rumors on who it will be?

Portland State

Portland State is the replacement for the 2019 season-opener. Arkansas has not filled the void for a Power 5 team for any of the seasons between 2018-20.

Bielema said Arkansas might have a replacement named by December. That didn’t happen. We’ve tried to get information on who the Razorbacks are speaking to about replacement games, but have had no success. We even tried a Freedom of Information request, but got no information because of a competitive advantage exemption.

Probably won’t ever happen, but I would love it if we scheduled OU, or at least Okie St. That would be far more of a “border” war than the manufactured “rivalry” with Mizzou. Additionally, a game like that could improve our recruiting in OK, and possibly even Texas since those 2 schools tend to get quite a few recruits from there.

Just an opinion.

I was thinking maybe Kansas St. They are always competitive in the B-12 and there’s a good relationship between CBB and Bill Snyder. It looks like Snyder may coach into his 80s. It’s amazing what he’s done for that football program.

Awesome. It’s a competitive advantage to have nobody willing to play us? Maybe someone should file a foi request at every other p5 to find out who is talking to us about how they think Jeff Longs best offers are a joke.

After the fact sometime when the schedule is filled, can you try the same foi request again Matt?

To kind of see if Jeff Long made a good faith effort to negotiate for the best outcome for our program in any terms other than purely financial? And I am not saying he can’t do that. But I think it is wrong if anyone is saying we can’t know about it and write about it. He works for a public institution, and it has more duties in its mission than to turn a fast buck and pay Jeff Long his $900k.

For what it’s worth, most states only allow FOIA requests from someone with residency in that state. For instance, I tried one in Tennessee a couple of years ago and was rejected.

I doubt Arkansas will ever turn over that information. This administration will not release any financial details for game contracts, apparel contracts, multimedia contracts, etc. All are claimed as competitive advantages through the FOIA exemption. Anytime a financial guarantee for a game is reported, it is because the other school has released it.

Very interesting. Thanks for the info Matt.

I hope Matt has cleared that up for ya.
He certainly did for me.