Michigan wins

game 1. Starter went 8 1/3 threw 111 pitches and just kept Vandy guessing all night. He did give up 1 HR but it didn’t matter! The last Big 10 team to win CWS was Ohio State in 1966, which was the year I graduated from high school!

Tommy Henry has been phenomenal this postseason. I’ve watched his last three starts - just incredible.

They are on a roll,doing everyrthing right but I expect Vandy to win tonight and put some doubt back in thier mind and Vandy will take game 3.

makes me think that even if we’d beaten FSU, we might not have gotten past Mich. Oh well, I guess the time for second-guessing and “what might have beens” has passed. Looking forward to next year.

We’d quit hitting and I don’t think we would have fared any better against whoever Meechigan threw at us. Even tonight they held Vandy to four runs which isn’t easy; Rocker was just better.

Vandy Bats will wake up tonight and they will roll.Magical fairy tale run for Michigan/Big10 ends…SEC rules!