Michigan State mess…

If you’ve seen the video of several Michigan State players assulting a Michigan player in the tunnel post game like me I’m sure you’re shocked/saddened. (Video available on ESPN or The Athletic) The Michigan player was on the floor taking kicks and punches from at least 10 Spartan players post game. Ugly to say the least. This morning 4 Spartan players were suspended and it appears more could come. There could be criminal charges in the beatings too. Sad is an understatement.

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I saw it too. No reasonable explanation can be given for such behavior in sports or otherwise .

There SHOULD be criminal charges. There is absolutely no excuse for that behavior.


Completely agree. The UM-Sparty rivalry is a nasty one under the best of circumstances, but that’s totally unacceptable and uncalled-for.


Pure stupidity…

James Franklin was prophetic a couple weeks ago about the tunnel interactions at Michigan stadium.

At least they didn’t throw PBJs at ‘em.

Bret would be appalled.

No way of changing the set up with the stadium being so old. Evidently there’s only one tunnel into the stadium based on what I was told by a Michigan fan.

Supposedly the Michigan player started talking crap and that led to the altercation. He should be held accountable too.

I’m sure the Big 10 will try and have the teams separated better after games. How that’s accomplished I have no idea.

That Michigan tunnel has been trouble waiting to happen for years. The same goes for Notre Dame.

The home team can control that on most occasions. If Michigan wins (usually the case at home) the coach can keep the team on the field celebrating with the fans for a few minutes, allowing the opponent to get to their locker room. It’s a tougher situation if they were upset in the game.

Here’s a photo of the Big House. Tunnel is below the M on the top side. Not only is there only one tunnel, it’s a very narrow one.


James Franklin at PSU pretty much predicted this would happen. They had problems at halftime with Michigan a few weeks ago, and tOSU and U-M players clashed at last year’s game there too.

Franklin wants a buffer at halftime and after the game so the teams aren’t in the tunnel at the same time. One team goes in, has a minute or so to get through and get out, then the other team goes in. I think given the stadium design, that’s the only reasonable thing.

Of course, if we could dig up the concourse at Baum-Walker to create a tunnel to the Hunt Center, Michigan could create a second tunnel somewhere. It wouldn’t be cheap though, and they’d lose some seats. I’m guessing the dressing rooms are both on that side of the stadium. Maybe a small tunnel at one of the 20 yard lines for the visitors.

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Surprised it took this long for something crazy to happen there. Common sense there wasn’t for many years.

Not making any excuses for physical violence.
Read elsewhere that the Michigan player previously taunted the MSU players. I am assuming that was what led to the beat down.
UA…Campus of Champions

Yep, but you can’t leave a situation in place where they’re in an enclosed space with taunting going on.

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When a fuse has been burning, you know an explosion is inevitable. It is negligent to not mitigate the situation before it happens. Depending on the extent of the beating victim’s injuries, he should balance his relationship with the sports department and the school versus the prospects of winning a lawsuit. Just brainstorming.

Michigan State has now suspended 4 more players bringing the total to 8. They had a huge sexual abuse scandal over a sports doctor employed by them and ended up paying 490 million to 1,000 students who were sexually abused by the doctor over several decades. I give Coach Tucker and the State administration for quick recognition that action had to be taken in the incident at Michigan Saturday.

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