Michigan State cancels classes and athletic events

After a gunman came to campus Monday, killed three people, wounded at least five others and later fatally shot himself.

A home basketball game with Minnesota and a men’s tennis match are affected. The Sparty women’s basketball team has a road game Wednesday; it’s not known yet if the women’s game will be affected, and the MSU athletic website does not reflect either of the cancellations as of 9 a.m. ET.

MSU police said the gunman was a 43-year-old with no known affiliation to the university and they do not know why he came to campus or started shooting. Campus was locked down for several hours during the manhunt; when police found and confronted the man, he shot himself. They have not revealed the names of the victims or if they were MSU students.

Was watching the news last night and a guest, unexpectedly, relayed that the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was one of the most jarring moments I can remember watching TV news, because the suspect was thought to be at-large. Such a horrible situation, man. It’s sickening.

Their have always been sick, deadly psychos. Modern culture is gluetubed to every bit of gore they can see. Definitely more coverage now and it is often live. News channels are bad for your peace of mind and your blood pressure.

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Yeah, it is worse than sickening but anticipated. 67th mass shooting this year in US.

I saw a list just of those since Feb. 6; I think there were 9 or 10. Including two here in North Carolina on the same day.

Some have defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result (Albert Einstein was credited with saying this, but there’s no evidence he ever did). We keep getting this same result, soaked in blood.

Update: The dead and wounded were all MSU students. All athletic events on campus have been canceled for the rest of the week, and the school is making counseling available to anyone who needs it. Decisions on road games like the women’s basketball game are still pending.

The five wounded students are all listed in critical condition at an East Lansing hospital.

And now it turns out that a student at MSU was in sixth grade in the Sandy Hook district when their elementary school was shot up. So she’s been through this insanity twice.

Unfortunately there are so many of these now that, although unlikely, it’s not all that surprising when someone is in the vicinity of multiple mass shootings. I read last night that there are students at Michigan State who were in high school at Oxford, Mich., in November 2021.

One of the Aurora theater victims in 2012 was a woman who had left a Toronto mall just before a mass shooting there the month before.

Yeah I saw that too.

Just some pathetic individuals walking around nowadays. They don’t know how to handle their problems so they think the best option is to go out and kill innocent people just some freaking sick sick individuals.

I think this is the way of life from now on. I think we are and will be unable to fix this problem.

As discussed, we are paying the price for Federal closure in the mid-80s of the massive mental health institutions throughout the US & the release of thousands who were mentally incapable. With 2 or 3 generations of offspring of those who were released, we are seeing the consequences with homeless & ongoing mass shootings while also flooding our society with more weapons. Some in law enforcement in the administration warned the decision makers that this would happen. Can’t undo the damage & probably unfixable.


Lots of overlapping problems. That’s one of them. But someone would have had to be in the mental health system to be evaluated and identified as needing those facilities. And we’re not getting that kind of evaluation, so a 43-year-old guy with no connection to a college campus walks in with a gun and starts blasting students. I read that the guy grew up in New Jersey and moved to Michigan when his parents got jobs with GM.

Also you implied that there’s a genetic component, which is not the case. No evidence of a family history. His brother, still in New Jersey, said that the guy had become increasingly distant from the rest of the family in recent years.

I’m sure there has been some impact and has added to the social problems we’re seeing but the breakdown of the nuclear family, second and third generation of kids raising kids without morals along with social isolation has contributed more to the what we’re seeing in today’s world.


No guarantee that the mental illness & chemical imbalance will be passed to the next generation, but it usually does. Close friends are dealing with multiple generations of mental illness & where one of their kids is medicated for bi-polar disorder & depression issues & their other child is fine. The isolation of COVID & working remote triggered a renewal of her symptoms.

With regards to breakdown of the nuclear family, mental illness of family member often contributes to that, including that family member being more inclined to be a substance abuser.

That strikes me as incredibly simplistic. It’s a genetic thing; nothing we can do! In the words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, horse hockey.

And in this case, the gunman appeared to have a stable family life, with married parents and the dad had a good job at GM. No lack of moral guidelines, Richard. But he pleaded guilty to a firearm charge in 2019, which evidently did not stop him from obtaining another weapon (or keeping the ones he had).

Since today is the fifth anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting in Florida, with at least one graduate/survivor who went on to become a Razorback athlete, I was glad to see an announcement today of $231 million in money from the Justice Department to create crisis intervention programs, mental health and otherwise, intended to stop people from progressing to where this guy got to yesterday. It’s not a fix, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Obviously medication & therapy may alleviate or stabilize the symptoms & enable one to cope, but not a cure. Perhaps simplistic but well documented that mental illness has a primary genetic component, usually chemical imbalance, that elevates the risk.


67 mass shootings in the USA, in 2023.

That is more mass shootings than days in 2023.

Its heartbreaking. Mind-numbing. The only way we will solve this is for people that disagree to set aside the distrust, the political hatred, compromise, and start making some changes. (Please resist the urge to use that comment as a springboard for your political views. I am calling on us all to come together. Not fire more verbal shots at each other…and yes I chose those words on purpose). What the changes will be? Who is to say. But we can’t just keep on keeping on and pretend this is gonna stop.

I am gonna go pray. Thats one thing I can do.

Praying for a revival. Our country and the world at large seems to be sitting on a powder keg with a short fuse. When the lights go out and the bombs explode, it will not matter what you identify as.

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Perhaps we look to other free societies (Canada, Australia, Japan, & Europe) to understand how their people have managed to co-exist without our level of violence. It will take intelligent & honest discourse without the usual politics & lobbyist financial meddling to enable change. To be determined whether our politicians & society are capable of consensus & constructive change. In meantime, prayer helps us to cope.

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The consensus climate in the UN is really admirable. :wink: :wink: