Michigan State: Baylor of the North?

Only this includes a doctor working for the school molesting little girls, including Olympic gymnasts.

Looks bad, really bad. AD and school president have already resigned and the doctor is facing mega jail time. Football and basketball players reportedly involved, with a whole lot of covering up by the school.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.espn.com/espn/story//id/222 … -case-espn">http://www.espn.com/espn/story//id/22214566/pattern-denial-inaction-information-suppression-michigan-state-goes-larry-nassar-case-espn</LINK_TEXT>


It’s getting worse. It appears to have been going on across programs for many years. One report I read indicated the NCAA President recieved a report in 2010 of 37 incidents at MSU.

If you watch the OTL report it will make you sick. If it’s even close to true, I think even more heads are gonna roll.

It was a running joke around here after Petrino was fired–and after the Uncommon hashtag–that we were trying to win a morality National Championship.

Anyone who professed admiration for the approach was mocked.

I guess it isn’t such a punchline, now.

We need to win and we will. But, I’m glad we appear to have refused to cut a lot of the corners others have across the country.

This is brutal, bad, life-changing and in some cases life-ending stuff.

I hope the people who are responsible for fostering it pay dearly.

…and the NCAA

Well said, Notorious.

I just read the OTL article on Michigan State. Wow…as bad or worse than Baylor. And since State is not a private school it’s gonna get really ugly. No way this mess can be covered up. Sickening…

Our brothers at UT Knoxville covered up this kind of mess last year. Paid out lots of money to quiet lawsuits. Butch Jones was alledged to retaliate against a player who helped a rape victim (raped in FB players dorm). The kid transferred out that helped the young lady report it to the police and had teammates assault him for not supporting his teammates.

This stuff is horrible. Just sick.