Michigan QB McNamara enters the portal

Took them to the CFP last year, then lost his job to JJ McCarthy this year.

If KJ were to decide to try his NFL luck, he’d be a really good one to grab.

why do you think that swine?

Proven winner (12-1 in 2021). Passed for 2600 yards last year, with a career high of 383 in their first loss (meaning blame the UM defense, which coughed up a 30-14 lead, not him).

The last former Wolverine QB we got was pretty good.


Wonder if he’d be interested in us? I’d love him to come here even if it’s to be a solid backup to KJ. Of course, that’s the problem with having an established QB. No one wants to come as the backup–even if the backup often becomes the starter, through injury or otherwise.

Some team is going to get an upgrade at QB. 12-1 at Michigan is nothing to sneeze at.

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I am hoping that young jacoby criswell from morrilton transfers home to arkansas


That’s probably a more realistic possibility than the former Meeeshigan starter.

Where is Criswell now?

North carolina

There’s a good chance we get Morrolton qb. Pitman has told him to pack his belongings and come to Arkansas. Family thanks this will happen.

Barring any unforeseeable events, expect to see KJ return to Arkansas next season.

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I do too but it wouldn’t be the first time somebody left too early.


I would love to see a QB depth chart next year that included Jefferson, Criswell and Singleton.


Hudson Card from Texas is entering the portal as well.

Gotta take Criswell, right Billy?

Yes you don’t screw the kid over a second time. Also have to show walker white kel busby and Kane archer we want them and have room for them also

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I think we have to take the best QB transfer available to be honest
I not that sold on him,kind of strange delivery but as long as it’s accurate,all that matters…here are his HS highlights.

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Hudson Card isn’t bad:

No in fact he’s the # 1 QB in the portal,he would be my pick, but he’ll probably go somewhere that throws the ball a lot more than we do