Michigan goes to Rome for scrimmage.......

…my wife and I flew to Rome today and on our flight from Atlanta to Rome was 40 people wearing Michigan football warm ups. I asked one of the GA’s what was going on and he said they are spending 8 days in Rome as part of their Spring Practice. He said the rest of the team were coming in later flights. I asked him who keeps coming up with these crazy ideas and he said it was all Harbaugh.

Remember, they pioneered having summer camps in Florida and the NCAA banned that. Now, they are telling their recruits if you sign with Michigan you get to go to somewhere like Rome for part of your spring practice.

All they said they were doing was having a scrimmage and sight seeing.

Didn’t AR basketball just play exhibition games in Spain? Don’t see the difference

Awesome opportunity for some young men that may likely never have that opportunity again. Good for them.

Lots of people bash CH, but fact is he wins big everywhere he’s at. Good for the kids CH is very creative maybe thats why he wins everywhere. Thinking outta the box

Well, for one thing, you can only do that once in like 4 years.

I’d assume it’s the same with football. I know my daughters HS does an overseas trip every three years.

Next year scrimmage in Amsterdam???

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/index.s … sprin.html”>http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/index.ssf/2017/01/michigan_will_hold_three_sprin.html</LINK_TEXT>

Yes, what could go wrong in Amsterdam!

Yawn…who cares…always been a Harbaugh fan anyways :slight_smile:

Yeah they canceled our game…time to move on.

As a Michigan disliker, I wouldn’t mind seeing the wolverines scrimmage the lions in the coliseum. If they need some extra conditioning work after that, they can run wind sprints with the bulls in Pamplona.

So they fixed the athletic department budget defcit recently???

Harbaugh did it for the attention and he’s got it–ESPN has crossed the ocean with them. He thinks it’ll help recruiting and probably will. But if they don’t beat Ohio State, it won’t matter.

http://www.dispatch.com/news/20170424/f … e-ups-ante

Michigans’s trip is reportedly being funded by a donor who has requested and maintained anonymity.

Thanks for the clarification. Nike? Tattoo Parlor?

Wrong B1G school, or is it :wink:

Each and every Football scrimmage is a vital preparation and installment and should never be taken likely.

They just wasted weeks in order to watch jet lagged player’s perform 1 practice with concentration level’s below par lost due to their surroundings.

Fantastic for the kids but the coaches should know better.