Michigan gets NCAA notice of allegations

Including Level 1 charges against Jim Harbaugh.

Wonder if that might shove him back to the NFL?

In this age of buying players…who cares about any of this? Cheating is legal.

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Buying players is legal. Contacting players in a dead period is not. Unless you’d prefer they just stop trying to enforce any rules and let it really be the Wild West.

Those that obey the rules are the ones who get penalized. Yes, throw out the rules.

College Athletics (as we know it) are self destructing anyway.

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Also using analyst for on field coaching to get around rules. That is not buying players.

That is true cheating right there.

The NCAA rules are now almost meaningless & effectively unenforceable. When schools like ut & aTm acknowledge real recruiting violations, such as their NIL funding to players that has been operational for a long time, don’t expect the NCAA to investigate. NIL & portal have only opened the floodgates that are beyond the NCAA’s capabilities, assuming they have any desire to enforce rules.

Southpaw’s logic appears to be “people still drive drunk, so let’s stop enforcing speeding laws too.”

I understand and agree that it’s very easy to be cynical about the NCAA, but that does not mean we need the Wild West. Little old Arkansas is not going to succeed in the Wild West, folks. The playing field needs to be somewhat level.

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Coaching change in the next couple months…

Michigan announces they are suspending 3 walk ons for the first game in order to punish themselves.

The NCAA said the penalty was too severe and reduced it 2 walk ons.


Does that mean salary cap among Div1 NCAA schools for NIL $, similar to what NFL has in place? That won’t stop under the table payments, but perhaps IRS enforcement on the disclosure of payments may discourage some of the violations.

I’m not opposed to a salary cap, but to be done legally, it would have to be collectively bargained, and that would require recognizing players as employees and allowing them to unionize. And I have a very hard time imagining that the schools would do that voluntarily. However, there is at least a decent chance that the courts will force them into it, just as the courts forced NIL. There are cases working their way through the system that would do both if successful.


The cost of players becoming employees is huge. Power 5 teams could do it at great cost but the others would have very hard time paying for it. Salary is just a piece of the cost.

Agreed. But the old way ain’t gonna fly any more. The NCAA somehow has managed to align both ends of the political spectrum against it; one side thinks they’re taking advantage of athletes, the other thinks they’re stifling the free market (IMO both views are correct). Which is why Congress is not going to bail the NCAA out, hiring the governor of Massachusetts notwithstanding. Unless he’s a lot better lobbyist than I think.

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I agree Jeff. This stuff is sometimes more interesting than the games. The ramifications are huge.

Let’s compare Apples and Oranges. :sunglasses:

Does explain Harbaugh’s interest in the NFL. But do understand the sentiment. They got caught, but vast majority do not. NCAA is CROOKED themselves. :rofl:

After what the NCAA did to Milller whom is now coaching in the Big East without any punishment it make little to no difference what the NCAA says, writes in the rules or does. They are gutless and a joke!!


LMAO. Harbaugh hinting he is staying. Must be worried BIGLY. Michigan an untouchable. :sunglasses:

As athletes in football & other sports becoming recognized as employees, they may soon find their scholarships becoming taxable compensation - same as academic scholarships when “students are compensated for services performed on behalf of the university”. This tax burden will be especially difficult & costly for athletes not receiving NIL $.

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The athletes wanted NIL and unlimited transfers without penalty.

Sometimes actions result in unpleasant, unintended consequences.

Welcome to the real world.

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