Michigan Game

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet

But I’m disappointed the Michigan game has been Cxl by the maze and blue

Maybe it’s for the best

Maybe we can get even in a bowl game

I don’t think outright cancelling the series was the right thing to do, but if Michigan is willing to pay $2 million to do so, then you have to assume it thought the reason was legitimate. I think postponing the series until another season would have been a better alternative, and that was something Jeff Long requested Michigan do. I would not be surprised to see the Wolverines cancel more Power 5 games in the future to accommodate playing Notre Dame and a nine-game Big Ten schedule.

Interestingly, Long created a similar scheduling problem to this when he postponed the second half of the Texas home-and-home series about a year before the scheduled game in order to play the nonconference Texas A&M series in Arlington. That was before conferences mandated Power 5 teams be on the nonconference schedule and before schedules were created so far in advance, but it created a similar last-minute scheduling dilemma for Texas. The TCU series has been pushed back a couple of times by Arkansas, too.

Teams are constantly reshuffling schedules for various reasons. It’s often because the head coach and athletic director positions are revolving, and the new guys always have their way of doing things.


Maybe it’s simply they fear the Hog or have PIG Envy

It comes down to this:

Notre Dame vs. Michigan is a BIG deal in that neck of the woods. And the two stadiums are 152 miles apart. They wanted to renew the rivalry. If it took sacrificing a game with a team they’ve only played once… not a problem.

Took that plus 2 mil., but still not a problem. 4 or 5 mil probably would not be either.

I think you missed the humor but Thanks for your input

No biggie?

I’m pumped to play N/E LA over Michigan - aren’t you?

The TV rating ought to be out the roof!

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