Michael Smith reportedly has a new job

FootballScoop reports Smith is a new assistant at Kentucky.

Are there any other coaches from old staff with out a job still–excluding the head coach of course? I am thinking maybe two but I could have missed the news.

Anderson and Walked are the only two I’m aware of.

As far as I can tell, the only ones without a job now are Kurt Anderson and Chad Walker. The others are:

Barry Lunney, TEs, Arkansas
John Scott, DL, Arkansas
Dan Enos, WRs, Michigan
Paul Rhoads, DBs, UCLA
Vernon Hargreaves, LBs, Missouri
Michael Smith, N/A, Kentucky
Reggie Mitchell, RBs, UTEP

Thanks , Matt those were the two I thought were still seeking a job as well.

Only Minny and UTEP need OL coaches, maybe things happen for Anderson in the NFL given all the coaching changes. Hard to imagine that he can self-promote given his track record at AR. UNLV just filled their OL vacancy.

Quite a few OLB/LB/DB openings: Louisville, Mass, Ole Ms, Northwestern, SMU, Troy, Ut State and Wiscy. Same as above since movement is still big in the NFL right now as new coaches fill slots.

Job market to fill the two unemployeds is reasonable. Wonder what will attract BB? Anyone know what the legal expectation for seeking employment in a coaching contract means?

all the above came from Chris Vannini at the Athletic which is superlative information. He has twitter stuff pertaining to coaching movement also. Twitter direct message @ChrisVannini.

Assembled staffs are tracked. Sean Tuohy formally recognized for all that we know he will do in today’s rundown.

https://theathletic.com/156825/2018/01/ … s-firings/