Michael Hegarty fired as UA women's tennis coach

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I’m not sure why he was fired. Surely, it wasn’t for the shenanigans that went on by having six matches in one day. For if that’s the case, the A.D. stands to be fired as well since he gave the final authorization. It was a bad decision no matter how much he supports the student-athletes. He should have thought about the bad publicity it would bring. I don’t care if anybody else has done it, it’s not what the UA should do. I am proud of the tradition of the Arkansas tennis program. I hope we return to it by winning the right way.

Losing record until that six-match stunt and failing to make the NCAA would probably be enough to get him whacked.

I agree, Swine. I’m just saying if the six-match fiasco has anything to do with it, the A.D. has to look in the mirror. But hopefully, it was exactly what you pointed out.

I too hope the six game shaningan is not the reason he got fired. But knowing he is the winningest coach in the history women’s tennis at UA, it is very possible that he was the scapegoat for that fiasco.

Well paying $15,000 for those matches without prior approval, or so it is rumored, could be.

Those matches were approved in advance by Hunter Yurachek. I wrote about that last week: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … qualifier/

I have some feelers out about Hegarty’s situation. Hopefully I can shed some more light on it later today.

Well… a few points:

Women’s tennis at UA began in 1980, so this was the 39th season. Hegarty has been there for 15 of those 39. His predecessor, Kevin Pratt, was there for 12. Would pretty much have to be one of those two, and Hegarty had three years on Pratt.

Two, I seem to recall the winningest coach in another UA sport getting run out as well. Name of Richardson. You might remember him.

Yurachek approved the stunt and the $15,000 payment to make it happen. That buck stops at the top.

Hegarty won at a higher rate than Pratt, who had 124 wins. Hegarty finished with 213 wins. That’s roughly four more wins per year on average.

Are there others out there that potentially could do a better job? Maybe the AD knows something that we do not know.