Michael Hawkins

I expected him to be a Hog when he announced later this month. Obviously don’t see that right happening now.

The QB board will likely change with Enos. Will be interesting to see some of the names that show up in the days & weeks.

I would keep an eye on Walker White.

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Maybe, this works out better. Would rather miss out on Hawkins now, when we have the opportunity to develop other options, than next December, after shutting down QB recruiting thinking we had our guy. Between Briles’ goals and the nature of revolving doors in the football world, his departure was just a matter of time. Hopefully more manageable now.

Gosh dang it!!! I love that kid and all the intangibles it would have brought to the offense. Wonder if it will have an impact on his class of 25 TE teammate (former since Michael moved schools).

RD - is he still visiting? I wonder, since Enos worked with Tua for a year and he had big numbers and has now helped develop his little brother over 2 years wouldn’t Michael want to have a conversation with our new OC still?

Can you or someone else help me to realize how much difference this is to a Briles offense?

There’s a link in another thread to a radio interview Enos did when he took the Miami OC job, how he likes to vary tempo, use motion, utilize the RPO. He said he has things he likes to do but he tries to fit the offense to the people he has to run it. And since then he’s had the experience at Maryland working with Tua’s little brother.

My guess then, is we will continue to see the RPO, but the tempo will probably not be as fast unless he concludes from the video that that’s what suits KJ best (which is quite possible). And we’ll probably see a little more use of the tight end, based on what he did here before.

Thank you sir….will go and read it!

Just need to see how it plays out. I find it very hard to believe he would pick a school with a new OC in matter of two weeks. That’s why I say I don’t see that happening if he sticks to the Jan. 31 decision date.

Could he warm up to Enos and the Hogs still have a chance? I guess so.

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If only he loved the idea of being a Razorback as much as we like to think commits do. Then there would be no issue. I know…it is the fantasy land we like to live in.

I’m confused on this. Is Hawkins a 23 or 24 recruit? I thought we had our 23 guy (Singleton) already enrolled and going through Winter workouts.

2024 like Walker White.

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Thanks for the follow up RD.

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So does it really matter what he announces next month? So much can change before he signs any binding agreements.

He can always change his mind but he’s already developed a tight bond with Briles.

Different coaches see things they like in recruits while others don’t. Maybe Enos reaches out. Can’t say right now.

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