Miami -vs- Virginia

It’s like watching paint dry. Boring brand of basketball.

I agree! Paints dries faster than they score the ball. Watching their play causes you to wonder HOW they are (were) the 18th ranked team. Again, it is the perception of the ACC. Imagine playing 45 minutes and only scoring 48 points…

Watching Texas and West Virginia now. WV really moves. A lot of fun to watch them press, trap and run the floor.

Would love a couple of those physical 4s/front court guys in rotation for us.

Only in the ACC is it possible to loose 3 straight games and remain in the top 25 poll and in at least 5-6 seed line. They could lay an egg the rest of the way and still get in the ACC invitional ( Big Dance )
They are horrible on offense. Overrated. The ACC wil get get 9 or 10 teams in the Dance what a joke. 3 years ago they all said Arkansas did not get in because they did not do enough. Well guess what look at those teams and look back to the last year we went to the NIT. Some similar things with them but they will get in. Bias!