Miami pays $80 million for coach, cuts benefits for faculty

Miami cuts benefits for professors and faculty, then signs coach to a $80 million dollar contract. All these big contracts all of a sudden. When the schools start firing these guys for not winning, they be paying out the nose for a new coach and be the hook to the one they fired. How many $$$$ will they be paying out?


They cut retirement contributions during the pandemic. Since restored, but they refused to make up what was previously cut. Miami is flush in cash because they bought a hospital system that is raking in the money, but they chose to pay Cristobal instead of taking care of the faculty. Shows where priorities lie for sure.

So is most of the money for his contract coming from their booster organization, similar to how our Foundation works?

Apparently its coming from UM which is why the faculty is so mad.

I read where the administration at Miami, the medical school was making so much money over the last 2 yrs because of Covid they want to go back to their glory days and decided to build an on campus stadium, bring back Cristo and try to have everything on campus. The alum, the admin, the city are all putting there resources together to make it happen

How many dollars have the razorbacks paid out for our last few coaches plus Nutt. And now we are getting ready to have another big contract, of course I feel a little better about this one than the others

I’ve mentioned this before and believe it just makes sense. Write in disincentives if coaches think they are all “earning” their huge paychecks. Nothing really punitive on the order of a million for failure to win a conference or even a division. Maybe more like half a million per game for each game under 0.500 winning percentage and penalties for NCAA infractions. Also, no golden parachutes for losers. Non-performance with a guaranteed massive paycheck only fosters laziness.

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Golden parachutes should not be a part of any contract!!

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