Miami booster John Ruiz says he isn't a booster

And he plans to sue the NCAA for calling him one. Ruiz has signed numerous athletes to NIL deals through his company LifeWallet, mostly UMiami athletes, and he was cited in the NIL violation recently announced involving the Miami women’s basketball team and TikTok stars the Cavinder twins.

Ruiz, by the way, played baseball at Miami.

This guy is supporting the wrong Florida team…(Life WALLET)…


Peripheral issue: There’s a big stink about TikTok being owned/controlled by the Chinese and some bipartisan push toward being able to ban TikTok as a threat to national security.

I wonder how this would affect NIL deals given that a lot of athletes, including Olivia Dunne and the Cavinders, get their social media clout from TikTok.

Laughable. Pants on fire.