mia culpa

I gave up. Completely. I mean completely.


I told my brother that Thrill Hill screwed up by scoring with 2 minutes left. Fall down at the 1, take a knee, make us burn our time out then try to score. Of course he double screwed up with that throat slash which made it much easier for us. Complete Aggie move by ex-Aggie.

Then again we scored too quick too and almost paid for that except for Mr. Skipper in the middle.

My wife got pissed at me cause I wouldnt stop telling her that good things dont happen to Arkansas.

Classic! a sublime post.

I just knew when we got to 1st & goal with 13 mins left in the game we’d go up 27-7 & would win. Then when we missed the FG & they scored immediately I knew we’d lose. That game had so many ups & downs my heart is about to completely give out. That’s two games in a row, though, where I’ve given up just to have the team make me eat my words–and tasty they are.

What a gave. 2-0 & top 25 this week. And the SEC is looking better this week, too.

When we were down by 8, I told my wife it would take a miracle to win this game.

Everything happened as it should! :smiley:

That was an amazing game.


Ha! I must confess that something eerily similar to this might have gone down here at the IMAHOG household…

What I love is the fact that there is no quit in this team. I, too, was resigned to defeat, but they came through and I’m so proud I could bust…