MH is not a P5 QB

EOM… Copy that.

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It’s a gift to play D-1 FB but to demand to play a position that will never work??

After today, I think he won’t ever play much if he stays here. Even I can see why he doesn’t play much. He looks good, but he can’t play big time football at quarterback. There is a lot more to the game than just taking a snap and running or throwing the ball.

Love the kids, but the Quarterback room needs an upgrade in arm talent

Mike that was to harsh, but it’s close to the truth. I really figured I would get jumped for this…

Why did we change Landon Rogers to a tight end. This kidded a big time arm and at 6-4 and 235 lbs could of been our back up.

I think we had a good backup, but unfortunately he got hurt. Renfro throws a really good ball. Now he’s hurt again and probably won’t see the field as a Razorback.

Pretty much looks like to me that coaches know things that fans don’t…as usual


If MH was a true freshman, he would probably be cut a little more slack, but he is in his third year in Fayetteville. His resume speaks for itself. GREAT POTENTIAL, thus far unfulfilled. I don’t know if that is on him or our coaching staff. CSP has to make that call. He played in October of 2020 against Auburn. He is 22 years old and apparently his net worth is about 2.4 million.

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I highly doubt he has that much money. Those “Net Worth” websites are trash

MH is a good quarterback, but is not a SEC QB or a Power 5 QB!!

Funny how posters were killing Sam for not starting him at Mississippi state or playing vs liberty.

Now we all know what coaches know. They would try him elsewhere but he doesn’t want to move and he doesn’t appear to be a quarterback


I don’t think not wanting to switch makes him selfish. It’s his choice to make, and he has to live with the consequences of that choice. He had a big chance today to make a great case for why he believes he’s a Power 5 quarterback, and it 100% did not work. I don’t think anyone is more hurt about how today went than Malik Hornsby.

If he enters the portal and leaves, I’ll root for him to do well because he suited up for us and played hard–well, unless he comes back and plays against us. Lord knows, we have some experience with QBs that we think we can do better than coming back and biting us in the rear.

What did MH do to beat out the starting WRs earlier in the season? He may be a G5 QB and a G5 WR.

This entire thread is totally unfair.
The word demand is harsh to say the least. He wants to play. Big shock. He was going to transfer in order to get a chance to do that. Sam and KJ talked him out of it. We can assume that part of that deal was he wants to play QB, but agreed to work at WR, which being double focused neither worked well.
The Miss State game is the only game that I can remember where he actually was allowed to run the entire offense and he did not do badly. Then it was back to the bench.
For the second week in a row the blocking on offense across the board was bad. KJ and Malik had almost no time to get comfortable and the running backs could do nothing for the most part. Sam was frustrated about this in his press conference. Having Wagner out did not help, but the blocking at TE and RB was sad at best and Perkins was a beast.
Now Fortin, who has far more college experience did better, but only on one drive that included one huge play to Landers. Otherwise zippo.
To trash Hornsby like this is totally unfair. Neither the coaches or his teammates really put him in a position to win and he flat out was not seeing the field or making quick decisions. That only comes with experience and an OL and other blockers giving them time to think.

The Oline has not played good lately but to their (and MH) defense LSU sold out to stop the run. They did not think MH could beat them passing. They were correct. I like Hornsby and to tab him selfish as in the title of this thread is very unfair.

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Now how’s that…

It is a bad choice of words. He still believes he is an SEC level QB. He hasn’t proved it under fire, nor apparently in practice. There is a reason they went with and hyped-up Fortin as our backup QB. MH wasn’t taking the bit like they had hoped and expected when they recruited him. If the other QB’s they brought in were still here and healthy, MH likely would already be gone.

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We should put him on KR