MGM Main Event

Good find by Justin this morning. This is not a surprise, and I suspect we’ll see more attendance caps for basketball moving forward.

Not surprised.

Should be a couple of good non-conference games for Arkansas with Louisville, San Francisco and Colorado State also in the event.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday.

According to the link, Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow and the rest go on sale Monday.

Does anybody know how to get into Presale line?

It appears the only “pre-sale tickets” are Louisville only. ??

Edit: This is strange. I found the Louisville “pre-sale” and a “pre-sale” for San Francisco, but nothing for Arkansas and CO St. Did AR blow this for their fans? I’ve got my room booked, but now may not be able to get tickets? You almost know, Louisville and San Fran fans will get all the good seats, and perhaps all the seats period, with 25% occupancy.

Another edit: I signed up for an account at AXS, so I guess I’ll be able to see if tickets to the 2 Arkansas games are available for pre-sale in the morning. Hopefully they will have a discounted package for tickets to all 4 games.

Well, I got in the pre-sale, saw that Arkansas 2 day tickets are available, when I clicked on buy tickets, it says “server is down”, please try later!! I’ve tried 10 times since, still down. I’ve tried buying through the AXS app ion my phone and on my computer through their web-site and both say “server down”. Oh, I did see the tickets are non-refundable. That gives me some pause, but I guess, I’ll waste a couple hundred if necessary.

Haven’t seen anything except one day ticket per team and 2-day ticket per team. I don’t know if they have a 4-game package or not. Also have not seen prices except $29 - $109 - assume that is for just one game.?

My son got two in Arkansas section. I don’t know what avenue he used.

Geez, I joined AXS, finally got in, but they offered no way I could choose my section. AR sections are 11-15. I tried to just let them pick best seat, but never got one in AR sections. They also had nothing on their web-site with a phone number you could call to order the tickets. The full package for 4 games is pretty steep also through AXS - over $550 for 2 tickets after adding all fees. Non-refundable, also gives me some pause. I’d assume there’s probably a 50-50 chance of cancelling the tournament.

Guess, I’ll just wait for the 10th and buy Arkansas tickets from the venue.

Here is a press release from the event posted today with information for fans:

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