Met several UofL FB Players the other day

The team came to a local Hospital to visit patients - a highlight of the day fir many even UK fans

It’s known I’m a Razorback so the staff introduced me

When asked if I had any advise about LSU I was honest (smirk)

I told them LSU has loads of talent but they have a tendency to play as individuals all looking to show what they can do as an individual but the talent is great

IMHO they play best when they are emotionally charged

They like to try and assault you as an individual to take you out of your role in the team

The trenches are a strength - the CB’s are fast

QB has been a traditional weakness

The RB’s are tough and carry the offense

LSU trives on the cheap shot and gray area technique to try and draw a reaction making you get the penalty

Lastly - the coach diesntbfeed the defense before the game and he tells them the football is food

They laughed - but you could tell they heard every word