Met Brett Dolan

I visited with Brett Dolan at baseball practice today. He’s the new TV play-by-play that Razorback Sports Properties has hired. He’ll do plenty of stuff, but his real strength is baseball. He’s done a lot of minor league baseball and a bunch of Astros games. He is a pro’s pro.

His family still lives at Sugar Land, Texas, just south and west of Houston. They narrowly missed the floods. There is a substantial levee on the Brazos near his sub division, basically a few hundred yards from his house. He always wondered why the levee was built so big. He found out.

Bret was doing the Indiana-Ohio State game in some radio capacity last week. He could not fly back to Houston. He drove, but didn’t make it all the way there. Some roads were washed out or closed. But his family was just fine. He’s heavily into baseball. His son is a good 15-year-old baseball player. He said they measured 15 inches at his house in one 24-hour period. That’s a bunch. He’s not sure how much it rained over the course of several days.

Good guy. I think he’ll be very good in this role. He’s excited. He was listening to every interview today before baseball practice and taking mental notes. I’ve never seen a TV baseball guy do that in the fall at Arkansas. I know Alex Pearlman never did that.

I now have a new name that I will need for my media baseball. I have Chuck, Rick, Jon Williams, Troy Eklund, Phil Elson, and Alex.

Marty baseball must be your favorite sport.

I can’t imagine why you would say that! :lol: