"Messy" JIMBO

https://bleacherreport.com/articles/284 … re=twitter

I predict it will be an even bigger collapse in Aggieland.

A real “Eye Opener” this piece. And the Aggies gave Fisher 75 Million GUARANTEED.

From the article, I like this

“I don’t know how people can make an evaluation like that from the outside,
They don’t have a clue. It’s almost not worth dignifying.”

The Aggies have more money than brains.


Allowing a player to dictate anything about a team is a sure-fire way to lose a good part of the rest of the team. I was not impressed by Jimbo before, and even less so now.

Sounds very familiar to the aTm teams with Johnny Football partying it up and Coach Sumlin right beside him.
Just wait until Jimbo gets him another Johnny Or Jamius of his own on campus.

I guess the powers to be at aTm just dismiss this report as fodder.

As much as I hope he messes up at A&M I think, that we all are hoping that so much we aren’t recognizing the success he’s already having.

Has them recruiting better than ever before, he’s well on his way to building a powerhouse, that’s whats scary.

Agreed. We have gone against them for a bunch of recruits and have very few victories. The last one was the sorely needed linebacker in Tennessee who chose them at the last minute.

We won’t beat them straight up for a recruit, we are about to see that with Broughton. It’s just not going to happen, not if they really want them.

A&M is more attractive right now, and has the big name coach. No matter how much of a ______ whatever you want to call him, he is.

I hate to see it.

They will lose 4 games this year, which is nice, because A&M fans will go crazy, but they will also be the 4th (maybe 3rd) best team in the SEC, regardless of those losses. Their schedule is brutal.

Jimbo the bimbo is just a dirty you know what and even comes across that way when you see him in person. Never looks clean and just looks like a bum at all times!

So true, the man brought in unbelievable talent at FL ST and won big when the assistant coaches were top notch and not so much when those coaches left. Aggies will pay anything to win where FL. St. was more business like and I’m afraid he will have a real powerhouse in the not so distant future which doesn’t bode well for us. A/M joining the SEC was a huge blow to our program