Merrick and Wallace

Why not give these guys a chance? Bama wanted both bad. I’m sorry, but since Pittman left we are terrible on oline. Him leaving might have been the turning point for CBB tenure here. Seriously how much worse can our online be

My issue with this is Clary is starting, he’s a true freshmen. Is he “that” good or are the other guys “that” bad?

He’s also under sized… which to me, points to we are that bad. Not taking anything away from him, he’s good, and will be good. But a 280 pound guard in the SEC is eye popping.

CBB has busted horribly on the one thing besides 1k yes rushers that he hangs his hat on. This OL is horrible. We have two capable players, Froholdt and Ragnow. The rest can be replaced, and should have competition at each spot for better results. Really disappointed in Coach anderson and his products. Poor talent, poor coaching, and poor results.

We have at least four 4 star O-linemen sitting on bench with a 280# blue shirt freshman starting. Anderson must be stuck on a certain techniques. A good coach makes the system fit his talent. Coach B should have found a proven O-line coach & recruiter. I’ve been a complete supporter of Coach B. I still like him a lot, but I understand we will be average at best with Coach B at the helm. At Wisconsin he had Barry Alverez helping him. I think no more Saturdays watching the Hawgs getting embarrassed.

Is it bad, I’m already looking at basketball?

This will be the week for Wallace to make a statement that he’s ready to play. So far, Clary has been better at guard than Wallace was at tackle. Wallace can change that. But practice determines playing time.

FYI, Clary is at 295 pounds. He’s not 280.

Oh ok, I thought I had seen 280 before. Either way 295, is still undersized. That was the problem with raulersob last year at 300, he was getting pushed around, and then got a bum ankle.