MERGED: Staff changes

Beat me too it…he is one of the best recruiters in the nation.

Didn’t former Clemson DC Dan Brooks say his son, Rhett, was also following CCM to Arkansas on Bo’s show? I think he has been an assistant strength coach for SMU.


The communications staff has updated the coaching roster on the official site, thanks!! Both Lunney and Bobby Allen (support) are still on there. Interestingly, only two coaches are shown–Lunney and Morris.

Mark Smith had no on-field role at SMU and has not had any on-field college coaching experience. He was a high school head coach in the DFW area, hired by CM as recruiting director in 2015, and became a defensive analyst this year. Analyst means he looks at video a lot. Before becoming a high school coach, he was a quality control guy at OU (same thing; watches a lot of video).

CM’s entitled to hire who he wants, but if he puts Smith into on-field coaching, I’ll have at least one eyebrow raised until he proves he can do it on the field. Obviously a lot of coaches progressed from analyst to on-field coaching and have succeeded, but I would feel more comfortable if he’d gotten his on the job training somewhere else.

Bringing a lot of his staff from SMU to the SEC raises my eyebrows already.
Huge jump from a staff with a losing record.

I’ll wait to reserve judgement until he starts to put together a defensive staff.

I think most fans have no idea how much UT, OU, A&M, and OKSt have worked to keep us, Neb, and LSU limited in Texas. OU bought their way into recruits and schools for 50 years and have OU linked coaches at many TX HS programs. We have tried to recruit Texas without the benefit of HS linked coaches like OU and OKSt, and we tried to recruit with non-texan coaches OR Texans with few connections. I am amazed that we were able to hire TEXANS as coaches that have this much prestige among TXHSFB coaches. Chad Morris, Joe Craddock, Dustin Fry, Justin Stepp, Mark Smith, and now Jeff Traylor have their Texas connections and experience that we have never had in recent times. We may have hired one coach with decent TXHSFB connections but none were even close to Morris and Traylor.