I guess if you live long enough, your friends all eventually ride off into the sunset.

Call it dramatic or whatever, but I am out. I have gone away a few times since I joined this board in 1997 but this seems like it for me.

I get it. Business is business. But I don’t have to like it. I am going to cancel my subscription and let them know it is because of the shabby way Dudley was treated.

It won’t make a difference, but it will matter to me. That will make sense to some of you.


I understand your comments. Change is hard but it (death and taxes aside) is the only constant in life and we all have to manage it differently. I share your views and those of many others on here. I am anxious to see how Matt and Scottie do with their opportunity. They deserve my time and support in this transition. They will not be Clay or Dudley but in time they might be. It will be hard on them too but such is life. I view this as an opportunity to make it better but like all things it will take alot of work and effort. Great time to be Arkansas fan and supporter . Hope this site continues to be leader in informing and creating a worthwhile place to spend time on Hawg sports, university and common topics.


Adam, you will be missed.

I hope you’ll stay with us, Adam. I always enjoy your perspective.

Understand completely. Take care and ‘call those Hogs’.

I will definitely miss the “MERCY” humor which at times has cracked me up and I borrow it from time to time. We didn’t always agree, nothing wrong with that, will miss your posts. :sunglasses:

I can’t blame him. I read mostly and don’t post on this board as much. I’ll stick around only because I kept board access via the Democrap.

I’ve been in corporate America for a long time, long enough to understand that no dramatic exit on a Webpage changes much. But I’ll say it changes my time allocation. I won’t check the page as much probably. Life moves on

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