My worst fears are being realized. I remember being pretty much dismissed when I posted them, but unfortunately, it’s happening.

This team really struggles to get and make good shots. It’s hard to play guys 28-30 MPG and have them score 3-4 PPG, especially when they’re playing awful defense. Muss has a mess on his hands.

This is why people should really tap the breaks before they annoint players and start giving them nicknames based off recruiting rankings.

Those run and jump rankings fail to measure a lot of things, including the ability to make simple, winning plays and hit the broad side of a barn with a shot.

The only encouraging thing I’ve seen is that Moody plays hard and cares and has some ability (although he’s still not a prototype 1 and done). He’s laying it on the line but he sure needs some players to come with him, especially if they’re gonna play almost 30 MPG and basically put up a goose egg with bad defense to boot.

Agree, it is an absolute mess. Offense was totally out of sync and painful to watch. Defense, well there was no defense. The Tide simply fired 3 pointers at will. But most disappointing was what appeared to be a total lack of team chemestry. That’s on Muss. Not sure how he is going to turn this around. And, I’m not sure he has the patience to develop young talent. That does not bode well for the future of this program.

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I have said before replacing Mason, Joe and Whitt will not be easy. The three would bail them out offensively game after game last year and kept us in the game.

There was hope that Tate would replace Whitt, Jackson would replace Joe and Moody would replace Mason. It may still happen in February, but not there yet,

There is absolutely no way, whatsoever, that Jackson replaces Jones or Joe (can’t tell which you meant).

As it’s trending, now, Whitt is much better than Tate.

The Moody/Joe trade off is the only one that may turn out and I think Joe’s defense was underrated last year.

Joe saying he was coming back and then changing his mind is the big thing. Adam is right Muss didn’t bring in a replacement for him!

Well, Jerry, I’m not really putting this on Muss.

I think he brought in a lot of talent. I just don’t think those 3 were plug and play replacements (if that’s what people were expecting—I don’t think that’s what Muss expected) for the 3 best players from last year.

And, I think a lot of people (again, not the staff) had some very unrealistic expectations for the freshmen.

They were good HS players and some will be good college players, but calling them the Fab/Fantastic 4 or whatever just set them up to struggle. They were never gonna be that—and that’s OK because very few freshman classes are.

Very good response Adam. I couldn’t agree more!

Sorry, I meant to say Moody would replace Mason.

I agree Moody is closer to replacing Joe than Mason. But not there either way.

The thing about Moody is May or May not be ready to go in first round but from what I have seen with AR players, they are willing to just take the chance of being drafting period opposed to staying another year chancing injury to try and elevated their draft stock. Or it could if their isn’t enough talent around them to go deep in the dance then why bother staying.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, they don’t just miss Mason, Isaiah and Jimmy. In no way has Adrio Bailey been replaced.


That’s what really get me. We got a bunch of shooting guards. Muss couldn’t control his emotions about the Smith injury because he knew we have nothing in the front court. But that’s his fault. As smart and experienced he is in basketball I have no idea what he was thinking when he put this team together.

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I think all coaches think they can teach defense. The freshmen can develop, but as far as some of veterans, it may be hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

There unfortunately has not been a front court fully recruited to this new program.

Toughest thing to find. Obviously, there are fewer tall people in the world. Kinda like finding defensive tackles, not easy.

Adrio did the dirty work and the hogs don’t have anybody that’s willing to do those things.
AST years team had a small group that were willing to make plays. They understood what a good shot was and they took them. This years Hogs may have more depth but they fail to play defense and have no idea what a good shot is. They are capable to rebound but can’t stay in front of their man!

Yes you and I both were concerned about being able to create our own shot and lack of athleticism. I even mentioned that the only reason we won a lot of games last year was Mason Jones just took over the game and and just willed us to win,we don’t have anyone close to being that dominant although Moody did his best yesterday,this team is nowhere near as good defensively.

This team needs to win to get their confidence back, the longer it takes to do that the more this season can go down the drain in a heartbeat.They need to come out against Auburn and look like the team started the yr with lot of fire in their belly, everybody passing the ball and play hard or it’s going to be a really bad rest of the year

Our turnover rate is terrible, that’s part of the problem. Of course, if you can’t hit bad shots and don’t make layups your going to be behind the 8-ball all the time. This would help to correct some of our problems. If you have only 1- 5 star player, who is scoring all of your points something is wrong. " HELP WE NEED SOMEBODY."

It seems to me that Desi is the key to our success. His slump seems to have affected his confidence/leadership. We need him to get back in the groove and lead the way.


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