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Schadenfreude. It’s all I’ve got.

And before anyone turns this into a Petrino vs. Bielema or Morris thing it’s not that.

I can’t stand Petrino. Can’t stand his apologists. But, more than anything, I can’t stand when ANY coach—Saban is guilty of this a lot- who yanks a scholarship from a long-committed kid right before signing day. It’s ridiculous.

So, I was happy to see the program ditch driver get his butt kicked by someone he screwed over.

He’s about to be 2-10 with his guys and he and that cess pool of an athletic program have earned it.


Petrino cannot maintain success. Anywhere. No blonde, no motorcycle, he still would have been fired here before his successor was, in spite of the hero worship that still persists.

Letting an accused rapist play AND going 2-10? I know UL is hurting for money but they can’t let him stay around much longer.

I’m not sure they have the $ to buy him out. Otherwise I think he would be gone.

Its been 3 head coaches ago…mercy is correct

Bc like I said, schadenfreude is all I’ve got.

You all are kicking the finest football coach Arkansas has had in the last 15 years while he is down.

Deep down inside, you all know he was great. Could’ve worked out here, of course, but Long screwed it up royally. The revisionist history on this board is simply amazing — trying to justify a horrifically erroneous decision Long made. The first in the series of many erroneous decisions he made.

I get so sick of this. We get our ass kicked today and you’re still joyously taking shots at Petrino. Unlike these other lame ass coaches we’ve had on the sideline (excluding Morris), he actually won. A BCS bowl. How far away from that are we now?

What a complete joke.

The worst mistake Long made was HIRING BP.

You know for a fact you were leading the cheers when he was winning big time. And he did win big time, at least by Arkansas standards. It’s so ridiculous how people like you and others speak about this guy like he is the devil. He’s not. He was a winner, and I enjoyed it.

You’re right. We are the bottom football program in the SEC. This season is almost over and I don’t foresee another victory. We have to accept the fact and move on. This staff can recruit and I have resigned myself that the existing players may never get over the losing mentality. It will taking a complete winning culture change by bringing new recruits.

I think you may mean win at all cost. No thanks! BP doesn’t deserve to coach anywhere at any level. I’d rather just take beatings like today. CCM is a better man and coach. CBB was a better man as well he just didn’t win enough games.

I would say Petrino was the best coach the Razorbacks have had in the past 35 years, but appreciating Petrino the Arkansas coach and disliking Petrino the person do not have to be mutually exclusive. I think a lot of people see that his personal decisions started the team down the road it is on.

The cause is very, very attenuated Matt. The real malpractice was committed by Long and Bielema. That is very, very clear. Long, especially, with a number of extremely bad decisions that really have cost us. No need to detail them. Everybody knows what they are.

I just cannot understand the piling on of Petrino. Good Lord, the guy got us to a BCS game. How can that be forgotten?

Yup. 100%

Probably appropriate for my first post since June (before I put myself back into a “no posting” zone for several more months or even more) -

I WAS WRONG about BP. I wanted to retain him and thought he would have continued to lead us to being a top program year in year out. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Exactly what BCS bowl game did we win on the field of play under CBP?
I recall the Hogs loosing to Ohio State in that Sugar Bowl game.
If you are referring to this game as a BCS win due to the win having to be vacated we’ll after the fact because of Ohio State scandles that may technically count, but that’s a pretty hollow victory when you don’t actually leave the stadium on game day with a victory on the field of play.
Having said all of that, at least we were there and we aren’t anywhere near that type of success at this time and who knows if we ever will be again.
Coach Morris has his work cut out for him in Fayetteville.

Go Hogs!

He said got us to a BCS game, his quote is 3 posts above yours

I certainly was. And then, he did a lot of really stupid stuff that absolutely warranted firing (I know that your position is that it wasn’t and that basically nothing he could have done would have warranted firing, so I’m not even going to argue that point with you anymore).

That, and several other missteps have led us to being awful.

And then a bunch of info I didn’t have came out. And then, he went back to Louisville and has run them completely into the ground.

Things have changed. And so, my opinion of him has changed. It’s called have the ability to reason.

I’m happy for the couple of great years we had. But if I had known what followed I’m not sure I would have signed up for it.

This is absolute misery and he is at least in some part to blame for it along with JLS, Long, Bielema, Morris, et al.

You were right about Bielema though. One out of 2 isn’t bad, anymore.

Correct. Never said “won” a BCS game. But now is certainly not the time to be splitting hairs in that regard. Hell, we can’t even beat Colorado St., North Texas and Vandy. We are the SEC doormat, and it is not Petrino’s fault.