If CJ Jones tightens up that dribble he will average 20 ppg. That shot is so beautiful, straight up, great lift and the follow through is as wonderful as the Oregon river tributaries.

He also has a quick release with good lift. Our bench has skillz. Each player flat out excels in some area. You can see the potential for it to round out into a formidable group by March.

LOL! I see what you did there.

Comments: his handle perhaps, I think all he needs is a boost of confidence in his scoring during a tightly contested game, and then watch his scoring shoot up this season in the high teens. C J possibly could score more but there is only one ball to go around…

But how many tributaries are there??

12 for the Columbia from 6 different states.

Wow, Navy was actually listening to the redhead Deadhead.

He’ll also need to be more active on the boards with just 1 rebound. Rebounds=more playing time.

Who cares when the basket looks as big as France.

C.J. was impressive today, the big redhead not so much with what he was reading off the computer screen.

Correct. This has been fact checked.

Some of my favorites:

•“60 significant tributaries in the Columbia river.”
“We did fact check that.”
“Fact check all you want. I’ve got nothing to hide.”

•“This guy. He was very good vs North Carolina.”
“Ya can you grow a Beard?”

•Re: Jeff Goodman–“IIs he even here? I thought he left”.
Then the PBP guy said yes, Goodman was still there. Then there was an awkward silence.
Goodman never chimed in. It was great. Makes me wonder if Walton thinks Goodman is an idiot.

Need a like button here. The “is he still here” quote was fabulous.

As opposed to the departed Jimmy Whitt’s shot which had more moving parts than Hot Springs has springs.

Fact check = True

Such as the DeSchutes?(sp?).

I have never listened to so many fascinating lectures on Oregon waterways in my life. I can’t remember the last time such a discussion held my attention so long.

It’s hard to get a rebound when you’re :anchor: yourself around the 3pt line…