Mercy me, I do believe

We have opened up a big ole can of U know what on the Misery Tigers! Shades of 94 for the visitors!


I was there…


That was the greatest game Arkansas ever played because that was a very good Missouri team that we beat by 52 points!! Had about 20 3 pointers I think.


You are right, Billy. Nobody in the country could have beaten us that night.

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Was that the opening night at BWA.

No. We played Murray State to open The Bud.

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That was the official dedication though, if I remember. Will never ever forget that score, 120-68.

Norm Stewart is still having nightmares from that game. He beat Nolan at Barnhill. I think that was the only time he beat Nolan. When the NCAA got to doing their witch-hunt in 1996, I always wondered if it wasn’t Norm that turned us in since he couldn’t never beat us, after we moved to BWA.

Correct. John Sunvold said on the broadcast tonight that the Mizzou game “opened the building”.

No, the Murray State game did 3 nights earlier. My med school classmate and I drove over from Little Rock that afternoon, the Monday after Thanksgiving. In the pregame ceremony, they “released the spirit of Barnhill” in BWA, which included the Dale Brown tribute speech at the conclusion of final Barnhill game the previous spring.

That 93-94 team lost 3 games, by a total of 15 points…. including a 12 point loss to Kentucky in the SECT semis. We won the first 3 games in BWA by margins of 26, 52, and 35.


I was as well! I’ll never forget it.

That Mizzou team went on to be undefeated in their conference play and won the conference. It wasn’t a bad team. They just ran into a buzz saw that night.


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