Mentioned this with Tye and Tommy

this morning. We talk about the portal and how it’s impacted the mid-level HS kids and their opportunities.

If Ricky Stromberg was a senior in HS this year, would he have gotten an Arkansas offer or any other high DI offer? Probably not.

He was voted the best O-lineman in the SEC this year.

The senior from Tulsa, Okla., a first-team All-SEC choice by SEC coaches and The Associated Press earlier this week, was announced Wednesday as the winner of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy, which is voted on by SEC coaches and given annually to the league’s most outstanding blocker.

Interesting. Why wouldn’t he have gotten an offer? I’m not following (which isn’t a surprise)

I’ll guess he was too light for Pittman to go after.

Yep the borderline recruits are getting left out because they’ll just go get somebody in the portal that can play right now.

Arkansas was his only P5 offer and it came late. I think it’s reasonable to say he probably wouldn’t have gotten an offer. Do I know 100% sure? No, but I would say unlikely.

That’s wild. He started here as a freshman

No surprise that I see a different slant here. If we had not lost two key coaches and recruiters, we MIGHT have signed 23 high school recruits. I suspect that is about the same number signed when Stromberg came to Arkansas. So, how would he have not been offered again? Are we recruiting better now in the High School ranks? At least at Arkansas, the incoming portal players are replacing the outgoing portal players so no impact on High School scholarships. At any schools that take fewer than normal HS recruits and chose more portal players, those portal players have freed up scholarships at their old schools. The portal players who never get a new scholarship are freeing up even more slots for HS recruits. There may be fewer D-1 scholarships for HS recruits because of D-1 schools recruiting fewer HS recruits, but there are plenty lower level scholarships for HS kids. They just have to develop themselves into D-1 starter caliber and then go get a D-1 scholarship through the portal. I don’t buy this Urban Myth that the portal creates fewer scholarships for HS kids overall. That just does not add up.

Those type of players are ending up without power 5 offers! The portal has taken those spots!

It’s not like he’s Drew Pearson; before the Hogs his key offer was from Tulsa.

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